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10 White Background Alternatives for Your Product Photos That You Should Pick Right Away

10 White Background Alternatives for Your Product Photos That You Should Pick Right Away

If you ask us what will be the right way to sell your product is, we must say using any color as a backdrop without white. It is a fantastic way to draw people’s attention to your products. As you know, to run a successful e-Commerce business, the product photography is a must. Choosing the right color background is essential to capture customer interest in product photos.

As a photo editor, it needs to decide which color you would like to add behind the product. Do you want to choose a complex color or the same color as the product, or do you want to use two colors at a time as the background color? However, some naturally love one color, and some prefer another. Today AI photo editor like autoRetouch is excellent software that makes your color editing tasks very easy. 

For today’s blog, we will introduce you ten best white background alternative colors to make your product photography outstanding and generate your income. By applying these colors, you will get more viewers to your product’s photos, and hopefully, they’ll be more willing to purchase your items than before. But before that, you must understand the importance of white background alternatives for product photos.

Need of White Background Alternatives for Product Photos

Adding bright colors or unique backgrounds can assist you in selling your product. A colorful background can focus on your product or name or other vital information mentioned on the products. The user can examine the product while getting ideas for how they might use it. Here are some reasons why using a white background alternative for product photos is essential.

Adding Bright Color Bring Creativity To Your Product Photos

Every product must have a purpose. So to reach the right product to the right consumer, it is necessary to present the product effectively. As photographs are the only equipment to mark your brand, perfect photography can attract more customers to your products. Shiny color as a product background can bring uniqueness and creativity to your items and increase product sales.

A Striking Image May Attract Customers’ Interest

A rich color image of a specific product on your product’s website may encourage potential customers to learn more about it. Using white color alternatives is thus an excellent option to attract customers’ interest in your brand. Keep in mind that some e-Commerce businesses are now discouraging the usage of white as a product backdrop to drive sales.

To Convince Customers To Buy a Product

Any product can be highlighted using bright colors on the back instead of white. Customers find product photography with a colorful background considerably more enticing than one with a plain background. A customer typically enjoys spending a lot of time on a product photo that can quickly grab their interest. Therefore, a white background alternative is necessary to convince any consumer.

White Background Alternatives Keep The Focus on Your Product

When choosing an item to buy, e-Com customers prioritize a few important factors, such as size, length, materials and color of the product. White color alternatives may play an important role here, and a colorful product background has the power to present a particular product more accurately inside the photos. Some eCom companies only select white as their primary product background, but sometimes white is not perfect for social media ads. Using creative, bright, and diverse backgrounds is applicable here to grab the customer’s focus.

It Helps To Keep Your Brand Strong

A noticeable color background supports the sustainability of your brand. People are more likely to recognize your brand when your backdrops have the color scheme of your specific products. Therefore, a stunning photo of a product is more significant for brand rankings.

Ten White Background Alternatives for Product Photos That You Should Choose Right Now

For your business success, it will be an excellent innovative idea to use several colors as background colors during editing photos of your brand items. But what will be your best white background alternatives for product photos? Read the below to get the ten white backdrop alternatives you can easily choose or use now.

1. Only Black Background

If your product color is white, golden, or yellow, then only a black background will perfectly highlight your product. Imagine one of your male models posing for a pure white suit, your brand item. Then using black as a backdrop while editing your photos will make your suit eye-catching to your targeted customers. 

2. Single Color As Background

When using a single color, keep in mind these options. The first one is to use the same color of the product as the background color. For example, you will edit a photo of a medicine box with yellow color. So, in this case, you may directly choose the yellow color as the background. The second is the use of contemporary color. That is, what fits with the yellow color of your medicine box? You may consider a red or green backdrop with yellow color. 

3. Less Important Color As Background

Use the less important color of the product as your product background color. For instance, soap is your main product, and the soap contains three different colors white and sky blue for most of the part and a little pink. So, apply pink color to your product background to give a pleasing look to your photo.

4. Using Two Colors As Background

The usage of two colors is very versatile. It is an excellent technique for improving your product photography. Using your editing tool, you may locate the exact color when editing. Light blue can be used as the background and light orange as the foreground. As complimentary hues, two are utilized.

5. Green Color As Background

Coloring the background of your product green will give it a more natural appearance. Green, a vibrant and life-giving color, can give your products a special touch. Use the green background to give your cosmetic brand photography a livelier feel. Applying some shadows will provide the appearance of reality.

6. Gradient Backgrounds

Use gradient backgrounds to bring color transitions if you like flexibility or versatility. If your product has both blue and pink hues, try to keep the contrast of both colors when editing. A lovely gradation of blue and pink will be very calming to the eyes and draw more attention to the product. The client might decide to buy the product right away. Therefore, the purpose of applying gradient color to the background is to leave a lasting impact on the customer, encouraging them to purchase your product. 

7. Pattern Background

If you are looking for a unique background, I suggest you use a pattern background as a white background alternative. You can also get the perfect color balance for your photographs by using various patterns, such as moire patterns, dot patterns, bokeh patterns, geometric patterns, and 3D patterns. Technology-related e-commerce sites typically love to use patterns as their product background.

8. Contextual Backgrounds

Contextual backgrounds can be wonderful white background alternatives. Customers can better picture how a product or service would feel physically, which also helps them know how the product will be helpful after they start using it. Product images with a contextual background help customers visualize the product in their minds, increasing their liking and desire to purchase it.

9. Solid Color Backgrounds

Various e-Com companies need different background colors based on their products. For example, solid colors like deep black, deep blue, or any other bright color backdrop can be ideal for skincare and baby products. Solid backgrounds make a product look glossy and appealing to the potential users of that particular brand item.

10. Textured Backgrounds

Textured Backgrounds add a visual element to give your products usability and a more realistic appearance. Different tones can influence the user in different ways; therefore, using some textural backdrops can provide a unique touch to the product and truly brighten a photo.

Final Touch:

You can put in little effort if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert to produce stunning product images. Follow the ten white background alternatives listed above. Use your imagination and begin by evaluating your product, picking the right backdrop color, and applying to give it a distinctive look.