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The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Jewelry Photography

The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Jewelry Photography

Jewelry photography can be pretty tricky. As you focus on small objects and try to make them look stunning, you will need to change how you portray them. Here are 15 secrets that can make your jewelry photography different and outstanding.

1. A Simple Photography Needs A Lot Of Preparation 

It would be best if you created a suitable setup to make your jewelry piece look good. The form you will need for your diamond ring differs from the one suitable for a gold necklace, and you will need to take care of each tiny detail. So, it will take much more effort and time than it seems.

2. The Perfect Setup Can Change The Whole Image 

If you use a non-relatable setup, it can make your photo look cluttered and random. To attract your customers, you will need to highlight the specific beauty of your jewelry. If your setup is perfect, it can change the whole purpose of the image and create a long-lasting impact.

3. The Impact Of Lighting 

Take care of the lighting. You will need to adjust the lighting so that the beautiful and perfect lighting can focus on the details of your jewelry piece and highlight its beauty. The soft and gentle light can bring out the beauty of your shiny diamond ring or ruby earring. If the jewelry reflects light, you should keep the lighting to a minimum and let the softness of the light do its magic. Every jewelry piece must have suitable lighting to make it look its best.

4. Beware Of The Reflection 

Reflection can blind your viewers and not let them notice the beauty of your jewelry, especially if it is shiny. That’s why sharp and bright light can negatively impact jewelry photography. Carefully handle reflective pieces and create a clear image.

5. Use A Steady Tripod 

You will need the utmost attention to set up the frame and capture the image, and it will take quite a long time for a single precise shot. So, instead of relying on your hand, use a sturdy tripod, so your frame does not move.

6. It’s Tricky To Work With Models 

While working with models, could you not get distracted by their features? You will need to keep your focus on the jewelry piece. Also, as the jewelry piece is small, the tiniest scar on the model’s skin will be shown and can disrupt your image. So, choose the model carefully and use the necessary precautions so that your jewelry shines the most.

7. The Right Mannequin Can Make Your Jewelry Piece Stand Out

The props and mannequin you use should not overpower your ornament or make it look not very interesting. For instance, a wooden holder won’t be a great choice to complement your gold earring. 

8. Use Glue To Make A Jewelry Stand 

A flat outlook is bland, hindering the beauty of both sides of your ornaments. You can use glue if you want to add a little drama and place the ornament in an angular position without any support. It will stick the piece to the surface and keep it stable for as long as you want.

9. Framing Can Make Or Break Your Jewelry Photography 

The frame that can make your jewelry look stunning and put it into focus depends on various factors. The wrong choice of structure can make it invisible. So, choose the frame carefully that can highlight all the features.

10. Adjust The Focal Point And Zooming Manually For Individual photos 

Every individual piece needs special attention to look its best. So, don’t use automated settings. Determine what the photo requires and adjust the camera setting based on that. Using the same setting can make your image look ordinary and unreal.

11. Colour Correction Is A Crucial Factor 

While editing your image and adjusting the color, you can only abruptly change the combination. You’ll need to make your jewelry look better while maintaining a pleasant color palette. You might adjust an individual part of your image. Just make sure that part doesn’t look out of place. Keep the look as natural as possible and create a peaceful yet gorgeous feel to the image.

12. Consistent Image Size Can Create Reliability 

If you change the image size too often, viewers might gry confused. They would need to find out the ornaments would come in which size. It can make them lose interest. So, provide images to which they can relate.

13. Capture As Many Images as Possible Of A Jewelry Piece 

You don’t know which frame will look the best while capturing. So, don’t hesitate to click a few more shots when you think they look good. Instead of only capturing the best one, keep as many options as possible. Who knows, you might need multiple images. Or an unexpected one might fit the theme perfectly. 

14. Create Your Style 

In jewelry photography, establishing a style and following can help you get better results faster. You’ll be able to focus on the details and obtain accuracy. Instead of jumping from one style to another, be consistent and find out what suits you best. Be the master of your own style.

15. Simple Is The Best

When working with small elements, you’ll need to be much more careful than working on larger frames. To make the object outstanding, you’ll need to keep things simple. Keeping any shiny or large object will divert the focus, and it can also make the photo look cluttered. If the image loses its value, it won’t be easy to make it work.


Though jewelry photography might look simple, it contains a lot of detailed work. It would help if you were careful and patient. Refrain from feeling pressured and work on your progress consistently. Though it might take some time, you’ll notice the improvement. 

Working with ornaments and jewelry is exciting and challenging. Enjoy your work and gain proper precision.