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5 Best Clothes Editor App for the Fashion Industry

5 Best Clothes Editor App for the Fashion Industry

Brand exposure is what we want for our business, right? And if you are selling clothes, ensuring your photos’ visibility is like exposure nourishment. However, using raw images won’t accelerate brand blossoming. That’s why editing the outfits before the advertisement is necessary. The answer? Why not make things easier with a clothes editor app? From background removal to removing wrinkles, cloth editors have got you covered. In this guide, let’s explore the cloth editors that will highlight your garments the most.

The Benefits of Using a Cloth Editor

Whether the images are for a catalog or advertisements, here’s why you should opt for a clothes editor app:

1.    Enhanced professionalism:

High-quality photos add to your company’s professionalism, leading your audiences to develop confidence in your brand.

2.    Better visual aesthetics:

In addition to adding professionalism, cloth editors notch up your outfits and create an enhanced browsing experience for your viewers.

3.    Highlights the features:

Certain editorial tricks will draw more attention to your attire. Additionally, cloth editors allow you to glimmer your outfits and make a tremendous difference in your return rates.

5 Best Clothes Editor App:

1.    autoRetouch – All in one tool:

For starters, this is the ultimate solution for your garments. The software has powerful features like:

Further, there’s an Extract Fabric Swatch option to showcase your outfit’s color, variation, and design in any e-commerce environment. What we love about the software is it imports files in PSD, including auto-generated masks and embedded vector paths for further processing. Also, did we forget to mention the software offers the world’s first automatic ghost mannequin image generator? You can also chain up the different components in a single workflow or use any of them as a standalone component. Just tap on the services and enjoy web-ready images in five seconds.

2.    inPixio – Background Removal & Customization:

Next in line, we have the AI-powered inPixio. The first step of any fashion photo is removing and customizing the background. As we know, backdrop colors can make or break a fashion photo. If you want your images to be money-shots, why not try removing backdrops? With inPixio, design a consistent outlay for your images and find the settings that match your website from a series of high-quality background options. You can spruce up your website with the built-in Al-powered templates the software offers. With 36 ready-to-use sky presets, you’re one click away from designing season-based couture.

3.    YouCam Makeup – Change color automatically:

Ever wanted to change the pattern and color of your clothes in images? Doing it manually would take ages, but with the newly launched clothes feature in YouCam, users can automatically apply any color and pattern. This comes the handiest when you have a similar product with different colors or patterns. Photographing the same thing in different colors will take a lot of work. So what you can do is switch to automation. Yes, it’s a selfie app with good makeup presets, but it also showed some great revolution in the garment industry. There’s also a slider to adjust the color level, ensuring you illustrate the right tones for your attires.

4.    Photoshop – Eliminate wrinkles from clothes:

After spending hours on photography, you might still have some imperfect images, like photos with wrinkled outfits. Now, these images cannot go out on the internet. But, fret not! Photoshop allows you to remove heavy wrinkles from your clothes in a cinch. Yes, it takes some work, but the results are perfect. Photoshop supports various segments to eliminate wrinkles. But, you will get the best results through the Healing Tools. Each of the components will let you iron out the creases quickly.

5.    Clipping Path Centre – Kid apparel editing:

Kid apparel editing is exciting and involves a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Mittens, beanies, socks, bibs, overalls… the list goes on and on. Sadly, all cloth editors don’t work great with kid apparel. If the lighting is poor and buyers can’t be sure of how the products look in real life, nobody would be willing to hand over their dollars to your business. On the other hand, parents will invest their bucks in apparel with vibrant colors and funky styles. However, they require detailed shots. So, if you are a kid’s apparel retailer, make sure you have a jolly website with cheery images.

In Conclusion

If you want brand exposure, replicate a bit of magic to your apparel photos. Besides, showcasing perfection can add to your brand’s credibility. So, get your creative juices flowing, race your imagination, and use these cloth editors as your go-to solutions!