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Guide to Ghost Mannequin Photography

Automate Your Ghost Mannequin Photography Back in 2019, we began developing a way to fully automate the ghost mannequin editing process for our clients
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Optimizing Amazon Product Photography

Optimizing Amazon product photography is essential for ensuring that your marketplace imagery stands out. Oftentimes, it is the first item people will see on
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autoRetouch explained: Skin Retouch

Next to background removal, one of the most important image editing tasks for Fashion product images is retouching skin. The human eye can discern the
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autoRetouch explained: Set on Canvas

Next to the background removal, the ability to create and change a master canvas easily is important in any Fashion product image retouching operation. A
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autoRetouch explained: Remove Background

Thanks to digital image editors, vivid visual representations of products have long been an essential part of the online shopping experience in Fashion. The
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autoRetouch explained: Core Concepts

For over 20 years, the Fashion World has been solely reliant on manual product image editing to polish images for online catalogs – and
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Feature Launch – Export PSD files

We take great pride in taking most of the weight of Fashion product image editing off your shoulders through automation. At the same time, our

eCommerce Fashion Photography

Employing best practices for ecommerce fashion photography can be easy and quick.  AI-driven ecommerce photography business SaaS platforms are halving the time it takes
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Of product images and conversion rates: a relationship intertwined?

What makes your shoppers’ hearts skip a beat when they visit your online shop? Your product images. By that, we mean images that communicate what
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Profile Picture Edit

Clubhouse profile picture editing is taking up a considerable amount of people’s time due to the popularity of the newly launched social app. Unlike