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7 Things You Never Knew About AI Technology in Photo Editing

7 Things You Never Knew About AI in Photo Editing

The photography industry witnessed unimaginable advancements involving hardware and software evolution. Some of these groundbreaking evolutions were directly derived from AI technology. This blog talks about the uses of AI in photo editing. We will also explore how Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of photography and how you can harness its power to make your editing journey easier. So, here are 7 surprising reasons you never knew about AI technology in photo editing.

7 Incredible Reasons to Incorporate AI in Photo Editing:

Technically, AI technology can simplify the photo editing process in numerous ways. Here’s a list of them:

1. Automate Repetitive Tasks:

Did you know you could skip strenuous editing sessions and labor hours using Artificial Intelligence? AI technology adds a new layer to traditional photo editing software by automating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. Whether it’s about fixing sharpness, exposure, or adding highlights– AI technology can get the work done in a single click. And the best part? AI also upscales low-resolution images. Since it’s the machine learning algorithms doing all the work, brush all the corners of your pictures in a cinch. Unlike Photoshop, you don’t have to apply individual strokes at every corner.

2. Bulk Editing:

AI technology has altered the way we edit our images. Usually, AI-driven photo editing software supports the bulk-editing feature. This means you don’t have to manually work with every photo to cross out the imperfections. Instead, choose the number of images you want to work with, and apply the same effects to all the pictures in just a tap. For instance, the AI-powered autoRetouch lets you bulk edit 100 images simultaneously. You can integrate various components in a workflow or use a part standalone. It not only saves you an immense amount of time but also exertion! So, no more cramping up your fingers and carrying on with a tiresome process.

3. Culling the Best Images:

Can you imagine AI technology culling your photos automatically? That’s right! AI technology can now create images, brush off imperfections, and choose your best pieces from thousands of photos. As photographers, you already know how painstaking the selection process is. Transferring the images on a large screen, viewing them multiple times, analyzing, picking out the best angles, rummaging through the final copies… and the list goes on. The good news is that AI algorithms are trained using thousands of images to spot your best works. So, incorporate the perks of AI to quickly cull through your stock and identify the best pieces within seconds. From finding your best shots to prepping them for the internet, AI can do the work 10x faster.

4. Remove & Custom Backgrounds:

Tired of replacing the boring and dull backdrops in the images manually? Switch to AI technology to do the task in seconds. Nope, you are not dreaming. AI-driven tools like autoRetouch can instantly remove and customize backdrops in one click. Plus, there’s no complicated learning pattern. You can do several operations with AI-driven background removal services, like creating cohesive product photography, constructing image layers, replacing busy backdrops to eliminate distraction, and so much more. These tools come the handiest if you are an ecommerce seller across different platforms, and each forum has its own backdrop specification.

5. Level Up the Portraits:

What if we tell you that you can make your portraits look professionally retouched with the help of AI technology? With AI-enabled portrait enhancers, you can bring out the natural beauty of your photographs or selfies with simple, one-click corrections. Almost all AI portrait enhancers have features like erasing blemishes, natural airbrushing, brightening eyes, and balancing exposure, but still keeping everything looking realistic. With AI technology on the go, your portrait game just got stronger.

6. Sky Replacement:

Just when you thought AI technology couldn’t possibly get any better, sky replacement struts in the picture to make things spicier. Think about the days when you had to sit in front of your PC and fix every image’s ambiance manually. Tiring, right? But now, some specialized software can automatically replace the sky according to the photography genre. From a technical perspective, these are the end results photographers usually get from high-end cameras. But today, you can generate these professional photos from the grim or dull pieces you’ve captured in a fraction of a second.

7. Restoring Old Photos:

People are nostalgic about antique pictures and love to keep them dear to their hearts. Old family photos, historical pieces, and childhood photos are greatly cherished. Sadly, these photos get crumpled, discolored, and lose their charm through the years. Surely you can take them to the lab for restoration, but guess what? The process costs arms and legs.

However, some AI-driven tools can fill in the scratches and damages of a photo by utilizing the surrounding pixels. AI technology can also detect deformation and works accordingly on the pictures. The process is cheap, and you can do it yourself without dragging the images from place to place. Spectacular, right?

In Conclusion:

So, here we have the 7 incredible uses of AI technology in photo editing. Now, you might not put your belief in technology and want to outsource your photos. But let’s say you are an online seller with five or six monthly shipments. That could be 20,000 to 144,000 images a year, which require impeccable editing, and that’s a lot of work. Your options are:

·    Upload the RAW images. (Not a good choice)

·    Send the photos to a freelance editor. (Expensive)

·    Hire an assistant to do the work. (Also expensive)

·    Use AI technology and edit the images in your own style.

The choice is pretty straightforward. AI-based photo editing tools are getting better every day. So, gear up your editing strategy with AI technology and save hours worth of work daily!