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Five Facts About AI Technology In Photo Editing That Will Blow Your Mind

Five Facts About AI Technology In Photo Editing That Will Blow Your Mind

AI technology has changed photo editing services for good. Now, there are more facilities available than ever for photo editors. It has taken image editing to another level and made the task of photographers a lot easier.

It always fascinates me how artificial intelligence can create extraordinary results within a short time with so much precision. The result is always fascinating, no matter how you think. Despite these excellent results, artificial intelligence still has a lot to improve, and I cannot imagine what it will bring in the future. 

Artificial intelligence has built customer trust and satisfaction, which is hard to achieve. Here are five facts about AI technology in photo editing that will leave you speechless.

The AI Photo Editing Service Is Semi-Automatic

There is a common misconception among users that artificial intelligence is completely automated. Users have no control over the editing and photo adjustment process whatsoever. But that is not true. 

Yes, AI has made your work a lot easier by taking away tedious and time-consuming steps. But it does not nullify your opinion or preference completely. When you just need to click a few buttons and choose your image, you can still control the frame’s color saturation and temperature preference in most AI photo editing services

Various photo editors will give you your desired result within just one click. But they will also consider your preference while making the changes and delivering your edited image.

Artificial intelligence is used in photo editing to get higher customer satisfaction. So, it will be illogical to disregard the consideration and preferences of the customer. That’s why AI runs on a semi-automatic process that helps the customers choose their preferred setting and change the image.

Choosing The Best Shot? Leave It To AI 

One of the most energy-draining and nerve-wracking steps of photo editing is the culling process and selecting the right photographs. It is confusing when you are going through all the shots and looking for the perfect one because they are similar. It can puzzle your mind while going through similar frames within a short time and make your brain choose the wrong one. If you have a deadline approaching, it will create a lot of pressure in your head and become a barrier to unleashing your creative potential. In that situation, AI works as a lifesaver.

You can choose the best condition image among similar frames using artificial intelligence within seconds. You will not be confused with different background settings or lighting. The photo editor will identify which image stays in the best condition and how its lighting and quality make it better than others.

You can select the primary requirements and choose a batch of images to find out which one is the best. Also, artificial intelligence helps you to adjust the image exposure and color scheme. When you might feel dizzy and tired going through all the images manually, AI can save the trouble and choose a few shots from which you can select the best one and use it to fulfill your purpose.

Upscaling Low-Resolution Images 

If you are thinking about upgrading your low-resolution image into a high-resolution one, it requires a lot of work and concentration. You will need to consider different factors. But with artificial intelligence, that has become a lot easier. The AI-based editor will scan the whole image and find out the flaws faster to adjust them and give you an accurate and specific result.

Both high-resolution and low-resolution images have their uses. So it is not wise to change the resolution of any image mindlessly. You will need to consider the purpose of your edit and change the images likewise. After you decide how you want to change your photo, the rest you can leave it to artificial intelligence and enjoy the fascinating result.

Do The Spell of Auto Masking 

While thinking about photo editing, you cannot ignore the effect of masking. Masking allows you to edit and adjust a specific area of your image and create precise changes without disturbing the whole image. With precise masking skills, you can edit every strand of your hair and create an entirely different and unique effect.

How about if you can create that effect within just a few clicks? AI has made that possible too. Now you do not need to manually select any specific area or mask it. Just choose what you want and select the frame. AI will do the rest. It releases the burden of photo editing from the artist and makes visual manipulation easier and smooth.

Bring Old Images Back To Life 

Old images are more valuable because they capture the essence of time. Now, if you can revive those damaged photographs, it will not only help to record history but also give you the feeling of living in that time and understanding the lifestyle and experience of those people better. Artificial intelligence can make it happen within a few clicks. 

By scheming through an old image and taking a sample of the pixels, artificial intelligence suggests different color palettes that will go well with the image and try to create the most realistic and colorful version of those aged old photographs. It is breathtaking to think how AI can bring the image back to life through color correction and exposure adjustment.

Though artificial intelligence works within a set of rules, it can analyze the data and use the facts faster. Those rules have made artificial intelligence more effective. It can save the artists trouble and help them produce extraordinary results. AI can work as an intelligent assistant that understands your requirement better.

Future of AI In Photo Editing

Though many professionals are skeptical about the future effect of artificial intelligence on photo editing, it seems pretty promising and groundbreaking. Artificial intelligence can do miracles and give you many opportunities to improve your photo editing skills. It saves your time and gives you room to breathe and practice more to improve your creative skill.

Shortly, nothing will be impossible with the help of AI. But AI does not replace the creative mind of humans. So, getting more time to practice and hone your creativity will lead to better success and incredible results.


When you can correct the flaws of a shot within a few clicks, you will be able to work with multiple images within a short amount of time and use that opportunity to create historical pieces. AI makes that possible without spending your whole life on one shot and giving you more freedom. So, look forward to the subsequent invention of AI and use that to make your photo editing journey a lot more colorful.