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How to Automatically Remove Background for Amazon Product Images

How to Automatically Remove Background for Amazon Product Images?

If you’re an online seller on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, you probably noticed how pervasive white backdrops are used on items to be purchased. After all, white backgrounds are transparent, consistent, product-focused, and appealing. This is why it has become a prerequisite for most e-commerce vendors.

However, there are several vital elements to consider to gain a competitive advantage in online marketplaces. For example, optimizing your product photos for e-commerce websites begins with white backgrounds. In this blog, let’s explore how to remove background for marketplaces like Amazon automatically.

But first, the basics!

Amazon Image Requirements

Did you know images can significantly affect a website’s user experience? This is why platforms like Amazon designed a string of strict rules for every photo uploaded. Here’s what you need to learn about these regulations before arming your website with compelling visuals:

File Format

You can use any file format, such as:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF

However, JPEG is most preferred on the platform as it loads quickly.

Background Color

The products must be placed against crisp white backdrops (RGB 255, 255, 255). Besides, the photo must not contain additional texts, graphics, or images other than the item listed.

 Color Mode

Amazon supports color modes like sRGB or CMYK.

Image Size

The images you will be using should at least be 1000 pixels in width and 1600 pixels on the longest side, and photos on the platform can’t exceed 10,000 pixels.


The product should cover at least 85% of the frame. At the same time, it shouldn’t obscure the entire canvas.

Your entire lifeline on Amazon depends on your ability to follow these golden rules. But before you hire professionals for your images, there’s a faster and cheaper way to get primed pictures for the platform. And if you think removing backgrounds is tedious and frustrating, use the AI-driven autoRetouch.

AI in Removing Background

Until recently, white background photography meant setting up a fancy shoot and investing a hefty sum in pristine white settings. Alternatively, you could take a picture and hire a professional to customize the backdrop using Photoshop manually. But both ways were expensive and time-consuming, a gatekeeper for small companies and startups.

Luckily, technology keeps pace with demand. AI-powered tools like autoRetouch came into play, and it’s a game-changer regarding background editing. Whether an editing wizard or a budding startup, autoRetouch allows you to remove and customize backdrops in just a few clicks.

Removing Background Color Automatically With autoRetouch

With autoRetouch, you can now remove backdrops in a breeze. At present, the software offers 5 background removal options:

1.    Select Clothing & Model

After uploading the images, autoRetouch’s AI segments the clothing and model and eliminates the rest. The most promising feature is that the process doesn’t require Photoshop knowledge and only takes a few seconds. Then, you can continue to retouch your images with other components like custom backgrounds, generating vector paths, skin retouching, etc.

2.    Select Clothing

This is a time-saving option if you want to prop up your clothing store with ghost mannequins. Here, the AI identifies apparel from the photos and eliminates the rest. Next, you can export the files in PSD for further retouching.

3.    Remove Plain Background

The marketplace standards keep changing from time to time, and Amazon is no different. What if one day, you wake up to find out Amazon changed all its backdrop guidelines? Then you can use the feature to recolor your backdrops with new ideas. With every click, autoRetouch ensures you get polished and repurposable images.

4.    Select Object

This feature automatically removes objects from the photo and gives a standalone and high-quality cut-out of the item. Make your products pop against white backdrops in just one click.

5.    Select Food

Want to glam up your food packages without flashy lights and white sheets? Just upload the RAW images and yank the loud backdrops from the photos. Further, use the custom background component to place the delicious dishes against crisp white settings.

Why Let AI Remove Backgrounds?

The power to automatically remove backdrops and place them against white settings is leveling the ecommerce playing field. autoRetouch even includes the batch editing feature. So, you don’t have to retouch images one-by-one and automate the entire background removal and customization process. This is a huge thumbs up for platforms like Amazon, where you need to stuff your inventory with thousands of products, and you can’t edit every image from scratch. Moreover, autoRetouch easily integrates with other tools, and you can quickly get more editing done in a cinch.

When AI gets involved, typically, it frees up hours of manual work. It lets sellers focus on creating a wholesome experience for the buyers. While there are many scary quotes about how artificial intelligence solutions like autoRetouch will steal our jobs in the future, the truth is a bit more reassuring. AI won’t replace our editors. It just takes the humdrum aspects of repetitive retouching away.

And the good news? It’s budget-friendly software with a pay-as-you-go option that requires a mere amount of £0.1 per image. Besides, the tool also allows you to retouch 10 photos for free. 


In the end, crisp, white backgrounds are essential for money shots. So, let the AI-powered autoRetouch be in charge of your Amazon product photos.