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autoRetouch explained: Set on Canvas

Next to the background removal, the ability to create and change a master canvas easily is important in any Fashion product image retouching operation.

A modern e-commerce product image has various attributes that need to be defined. This is particularly true when you’re looking to sell the product across multiple channels. Most important among these attributes are the pixel dimensions, padding, the alignment of the product, and the background of the image.

Defining these attributes is simple and can be done quickly for a single image. As soon as more than just a few images need to be adjusted across various dimensions however, the task becomes daunting.

It’s time for a paradigm shift

How does the Set on Canvas component work in autoRetouch?

The Set on Canvas component can be placed anywhere in an autoRetouch workflow.

It can work together with other components, like Remove Background or Skin Retouch, but it also works standalone in a workflow in case you simply want to adjust multiple attributes of already retouched images quickly in bulk.

The component allows you to define the following image attributes:


With this feature, you can determine the padding space between the main figure in your images after it has been separated from an original background and the corners of the canvas.


With this feature, you can set the canvas size (= image size) for your output images.


With this feature, you can freely determine the position of a figure in the canvas space after it has been separated from an original background. The figure can be re-positioned both along the horizontal and vertical axis in the image.


With this feature, you can easily set a new background for your image. You can choose either just a color as the background or easily upload your own background images in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format. Please note, when you upload a background image, this will determine the final size of the canvas.

What makes the autoRetouch ‘Set on Canvas’ component special?

Our service is designed around the concept of workflows. In a workflow, you chain up components, each representing an automated version of various otherwise manual retouching steps.

That means our Set on Canvas component, will often be just one part of an automated image processing workflow that accomplishes various image editing tasks at once.

In a workflow where changing dimensions or attributes of an image is your primary objective, you may also incorporate automated background removal with our Remove Background component for example.

The biggest impact when moving from manual image editing to automated image processing with autoRetouch is the amount of time you save: think seconds, not minutes per image.

This becomes especially powerful when you also leverage autoRetouch’s bulk-processing capabilities. (currently up to 100 images per workflow)

The Takeaway

The online fashion retail environment is diverse. Creating a product image with certain specific image attributes once often isn’t enough. Today you need to sell the same product across the variety of marketplaces and other commerce avenues.

Automating the retouching process from end-to-end thus brings many advantages. Especially when it comes to administrating and scaling your product distribution, the reduction in administrative overhead by leveraging the Set on Canvas component in an autoRetouch workflow is a high ROI opportunity.

Optimization starts with the willingness to try something new. So, kick off your automation journey with autoRetouch workflows today. You can try the service for free with up to 10 images by creating an autoRetouch account