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The Importance of a Bulk Image Resizer and How to Use One

The Importance of a Bulk Image Resizer and How to Use One

Photos for your business are vital if you want to gain customers’ trust and make more sales. In one study, 91% of people said they prefer visual content to information that is just text. That’s why it’s important to use beautiful, high-quality photos that are the right size for your website and social media platforms. If you use images well, they can bring in more people and make you more money, but if you use them badly, they can kill your sales. But what if you have many images you need to resize? Then you need a bulk image resizer to sort it.

If you like to edit things, you’ve probably run into a situation where you needed to change the size of an image but needed the right tool to do it all at once. With the photos that some digital cameras and smartphones can take, it’s possible to have images with file sizes of several Megabytes each. When you want to see them in high quality or print them out, it’s great to have files like this. But huge files are a waste of time and bandwidth when you want to send them to other people, put them in online photo albums, or just keep them on your phone.

Before you email or upload your pictures, it’s wise to reduce their resolution or change them to a format that uses less space. It’s much easier to shrink a 10MB JPEG file down to 1MB and send or store it, even if the quality decreases a little or not.

To learn more about bulk image resizing, you should keep reading until the end. 

Why Do You Need to Change the Size of Your Pictures?

Images That Are Properly Compressed Help SEO Rank.

You know that a good image is more likely to bring people to your website or blog, which is one of the reasons why you are so picky, creative, and careful when making and collecting images.

But what if we told you that if an image is big, it will slow down the speed at which your website loads? 53% of mobile users usually leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. In more technical terms, this makes it more likely that the user will bounce off.

So, if your images are the right size, your website, blog, or any part of either will load quickly, if not like a rocket. Based on user experience, search engines will rank you higher.

Application Requirements 

Say you need to immediately fill out an online form for a tough test (or any important venture). You have everything you need: the details, scanned images of all important documents, your photos, etc. But the online form says that these pictures have to be a specific size. In these cases, users have had to fill in every detail more than once because they needed to compress or resize the images correctly.

Blog Posting 

So, you love to use your DSLR to take beautiful pictures of nature, and you’re also good at editing them. Your friends tell you to start a blog and put these pictures on it. But because each image is several MBs in size, your website or blog takes a long time to load.

Pros Of Editing in Bulk

All Of Your Images Can Be Resized In One Click

It’s a pain to resize images, especially if you have a folder full of them. Try AutoRetouchs Batch Image Resizer to help you get things done faster. Just upload all the pictures you want, and then change the size of all of them at once. You can export them immediately or keep editing your images in bulk with essential tools, photo effects, skin retouching, and more. Whether you’re a blogger, a photographer, a business owner, or an eCommerce seller, the Batch Image Resizer will improve your workflow and make it faster than ever to get your images the correct size.

Quality And Quantity

No matter how many images you resize at once, the Batch Image Resizer never lowers the quality. You’ll end up with high-quality images that are the right size for printing, posting on social media, or adding to your website. At the same time, the file size will be much smaller. Scale your images by percentage or by typing in a specific number of pixels to get the proper ratio for your needs. AutoRetouch’s Bulk Image Resizer can deliver high-resolution images of any size.

Image Compression

Large image files can be hard to work with. Batch Image Resizer gives you full control over the compression and quality of your JPG images, so you never have to worry about not being able to send or post an image because of its size. Instead, you could work with PNG files. You can easily change all images to JPGs and have more control over how they are compressed. No matter what file you have, batch resizing makes it easy to compress them without losing quality.

Bulk Image Resizing with AutoRetouch

By setting the expected size and using the AutoRetouch Resize image feature, you can ensure that all the photos have the same shape and style. Since eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon have rules about the size of product photos that users must follow. Use their tool to change the size of many pictures at once. Also, their tool keeps product and fashion images of the same style and size.

How To Use AutoRetouch’s Feature for Resizing in Bulk?

  • Open the Resize Images tool and “Create a new workflow.” Click on “Starting from Scratch.”
  • Upload your product images, then drag and drop the Remove Background tool into the workflow.
  • Add the “set on canvas” feature. Set size and padding
  • Set the new format’s size > mention how big the padding needs to be.
  • Choose Horizontal or Vertical Alignment.
  • Export the final picture and save it.

Compared to other apps with resizing features, AutoRetouch’s steps for resizing product images are straightforward and save a lot of time.


One of the essential parts of building your online presence is ensuring that your images are the right size and quality. Good photos of your business make a good impression, and pictures sometimes make the difference between getting a new customer and having someone leave your site immediately.

With AutoRetouch’s simple image resizer, you can do the job in just a few clicks, even if you have never done it before. Furthermore, you may include additional picture editing components into your workflow, making AutoRetouch one of the market’s easiest and most efficient photo retouchers.