Best Shopify Product Image Resizing Apps

 A product image sizer app is one of the most useful apps for an e-commerce store.

Product image sizes aren’t as well-known as apps like live chat or email marketing, but they can be a very important part of the shopping experience. This is because product image sizers help make all the images the same size, making it easier for shoppers to look at them.

We know it can be hard to find the best product image sizer app, which is why we made this list for you. We chose the best app by looking at the ratings, number of reviews, and best features.

Let’s look at the best apps for Shopify that let you change the size of product images.

Why Should You Change the Size of Pictures for Shopify?

Changing the size of images for Shopify is important for both the user experience and how well they rank in search engines. Here are the main reasons you should change the size of the pictures:

  • When your images are the right size, your page loads faster. The more images a page has, the longer it takes to load. So, resizing images to a suggested size, like 2048×2048 for a square image, can help your page load faster.
  • When you change the size of images on your page, search engines will rank it higher. Apps for resizing photos for Shopify make adding alt tags and name pictures easy, which helps your Shopify store’s SEO.
  • When a picture is a suitable size, it draws attention to the most important parts. In other words, it displays exactly what you want it to display. If you upload the picture without resizing it, it might look different than you wanted it to if it is too wide or too narrow.
  • If all of the pictures on your page are the same size, it will look more professional.

How Do I Change the Size of Photos for Shopify Without Losing Quality?

No one wants to lose the quality of an image when they change its size, and it does, however, happen a lot. Here are some tips for resizing your images without losing their quality:

  • Check out the image sizes that Shopify suggests.
  • Crop your pictures instead of reducing their size.
  • Look into image resizing apps for Shopify.
  • Find out which image resizing app keeps the image quality the best.
  • Before putting an image on your page that has been resized, you should always check its quality.

If you use the proper app to resize photos, you won’t have to worry about the quality going down.

Key Things That an App Like Product Image Sizer Should Have.

Resize in bulk: For e-commerce, there are often hundreds or even thousands of images for each product. To save time, you need to resize a lot of images at once.

Automatic resizing: Images with odd sizes should be automatically found and resized.

SEO for images: If you optimize your images for SEO, you can rank higher on Google Search Images.

 Best Shopify Image Resizers

At first glance, optimizing images for Shopify products may seem like a real science, but we’ve put together a Shopify image size guide with all the information you need. Once you know that, all you need is an app that automatically does all the hard work for you.

For your convenience, we looked at some of the best apps for resizing images and listed their pros and cons so you can select the best one for you:


AutoRetouch is the best app for resizing images for Shopify and takes care of your store in general. Their resizing tool ensures that images of products and fashion are always the right size and place. The AutoRetouch Resize picture function makes sure that all images keep their original shape and style by letting you set the size you want. The features of AutoRetouch:

  • PSD file export.
  • Bulk editing.
  • Skin retouching.
  • Background removing and changing tools.


  • The AI-assisted tool makes editing precise and easy.
  • Great for beginners
  • Offers all of the essential tools for optimizing images.
  • Easy to navigate user interface.


  • There are no analytics or other advanced SEO optimization tools.

 Photo Resize

The Photo Resize app makes your pictures look good by following Shopify’s design rules. It lets you change them into a square, landscape, or portrait shape and gives them a smooth look by adding a background color. Photo Resize feature:

  • You can use other apps while Photo Resize does its job because it runs in the background.
  • If you change your mind, you can get the pictures back.
  • All of the images are automatically updated.

The app lets you change the size of the first 50 photos for free. Depending on your needs, the monthly fee for Later can range from $4 to $79.


  • Finds images that have been changed or uploaded recently and optimizes them.
  • Quick automatic resizing.
  • Fast and straightforward to set up.


  • If you have a “pay as you go” plan, the original photos will only be kept for seven days.


Avada lets you compress images without losing their quality and optimizes Shopify images for SEO in every way. With the app, you can improve your pictures’ alt tags, JSON-LD tags, and meta tags. This means that your Shopify store’s pages will load faster, and Google will be able to find them more quickly. Avada features:

  • Images are compressed without losing any of their quality.
  • It offers an HTML sitemap to make it easy to move around the page.
  • Google Search Console can be used to get analytics about a page.

There are two ways to sign up for the app. With Shopify’s free plan, you can optimize the images for up to 50 products per month. With this plan, you also get a free SEO checklist, an HTML sitemap, and an automatic scan that looks for 404 pages and moves them to another page. The pro plan costs $29 per month and includes SEO analysis, site verification, automatic SEO fixes, and more.


  • Unique features for SEO optimization.
  • Automatic store optimization.
  • A thorough analysis of SEO.


  • The free plan could be better.

So, Which One Should You Use?

 We hope this list of the best product image sizer apps for Shopify has helped you learn more about some of the available apps.

Which one should you choose?

On your Shopify store, you need to ensure that all your product images are the same size. This is an important but often overlooked task, and image optimization is an important part of making sure that your customers have a great shopping experience.

AutoRetouch is a good mix of features and price because it has most of the features you need to size images correctly without being too expensive. You can also get a lot out of editing in bulk.


These tools make it easy to get the most out of your product, blog, and collection of photos.

To make it more likely that search engines will index a picture and use it to make a sale, you may need to change its aspect ratio, reduce its file size, or do some light editing.

Try out a few resizing apps to see which works best for your online store. Good luck resizing your photos for Shopify!


Images are fundamental to how your customers see your company and its products. When used correctly, it may help you gain their confidence and increase your marketing predictions. Your target audience will prefer and remember graphic material over basic text-based content. Photoshop or other advanced photograph modifying tools are optional if you’re only looking to resize and make minor changes to a single or group of images. Resizing images differs from editing in that it maintains the original image while effectively making it larger or smaller. Twisting occurs during photo resizing when you try to expand the size of a picture. Extending the actual size of a photograph expands the pixels, making the image crisper as the size increases.

 What Does “Image Resize” Mean?

In layman’s terms, scaling a photograph often entails adjusting its proportions without cutting any areas out. This feature is frequently used for fitting your original-sized photos into certain places such as banners, social media, or printed billboards. Unfortunately, this is faced with a few typical issues:

  • Enlargement reduces picture quality, causing the modified image to seem fragmented or hazy.
  • Suppose the picture aspect ratio is modified to fit. In that case, it will seem stretched and deformed since it does not meet the specified dimensions: A landscape, for example, should not fit into a portrait area without being rotated.

The battle is real! But now that you’re on the same page let’s move on to a graphic designer’s knowledge of what happens when you change the scale of an image. There are many ways to skin, or rather shrink, the cat. However, only by zooming in to the pixel level will you be able to see how alternative scaling strategies can benefit your output.

Understanding Image Types Before Resizing

The sort of picture you choose influences the result of image scaling. As a result, it is critical to understand the kind of picture you are dealing with. There are two sorts of images: raster images and vector images.

Raster Form

Raster images, such as pictures, are made up of pixels. They are made up of pixels that combine to generate continuous color tones and delicate mixes. When you extend pixel-based raster graphics without increasing the number of pixels, they often get hazy. It is critical to remember that once a picture is formed at a particular dimension, it can only be increased in size by losing quality. This is true even when using picture editing tools. In Photoshop, for example, pixels are created at random with picture expansion but seldom provide high image quality outcomes.

Bigger file sizes are associated with larger dimensions in the case of raster images. This is significant since file size might affect page loading time when utilized on websites. Raster pictures are often stored as jpg, gif, PSD, pdf, BMP, and eps files.

 Vector Illustrations

Vector graphics include clipart pictures seen in Microsoft Word. You’ll note that photos are often block-colored, with few colors’ tonal graduations. Vector graphics do not include pixels. As a result, they are known to be resolution-independent, which implies that they may be scaled to any size without losing quality. For generating logos that can be enlarged without distortion, vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator are employed.

When it comes to picture resizing, the good news is that even vectors with high dimensions have a tiny file size. So go crazy with the growth! Vector file types include ai, SVG, cdr, pdf, and eps.

Why Does Image Resizing Cause Distortion?

More than using images to promote your product, service, or brand is required. You must ensure that the images you use are high-quality and appropriate for the Step you are sharing them on. If the photos you select are not the right size or seem deformed, it destroys your whole message and makes your firm appear less professional. Creating images and then shrinking them to suit a few steps might be difficult if you have little experience with visual communication. You may investigate this difficulty due to the availability of image resizer and analyzer devices. This is sometimes referred to as pixelation. It is difficult to increase the size of a photograph without producing bending or anything similar, yet, you can decrease the size of a picture without creating contortion, demonstrating visual computerization, or trying to DIY out of an image, resizing bogeyman. Here’s all you need to know about resizing photographs from start to finish.

Image Resizing Taboos

Unfortunately, the tasks of a graphic designer often force you to make do with what you have. When it comes down to it, specific picture scaling guidelines should be followed to keep as much quality as possible. Before you begin shrinking or growing, keep the following short principles in mind:

  • Instead of raising dimensions, use resizing to reduce file size.
  • Resizing a photograph more than once is not recommended.
  • Do not make a picture larger than 125% of its original size.
  • Before resizing an image, retouch and fix it.
  • To maintain optimum picture quality, resize photographs in photo editors.
  • If scaling is required, utilize picture editing tools to get the best results.

If you don’t have picture editing software, you may resize your image online with AutoRetouch. Thus, we emphasize the advice to reduce its size. If you want a helpful tool, AutoRetouch is a dependable online program that allows you to accomplish so. The user interface is straightforward and provides essentially identical functionalities to those found on a mobile phone. So, congratulations! You oughtn’t to be a graphic designer to resize your picture.

Using AutoRetouch, Resize A Picture Without Distorting It.

If you want to resize photos without distorting them, you should use an image editing tool such as AutoRetouch AI’s ‘Resize Images tool. This method ensures that your photographs always retain quality while always preserving the exact proportions and layout. By specifying the desired aspect ratio, the AutoRetouch Resize tool guarantees that all photos preserve their original appearance and proportions. Steps to utilize the AutoRetouch Resize tool:

Step 1: Visit the AutoRetouch website and register.

Step 2: From the main page, choose “start from scratch.”

Step 3: Upload the picture to be resized.

Step 4: (optional) If you like, you may add more components to your process, such as background removal, skin retouching, exposure correction, and so on, but if you don’t, go to step 5.

Step 5: Add the “crop” component to your process.

Step 6: Configure the “top crop line” and “bottom crop line” as desired.

Step 7: Determine your preferred aspect ratio.

Step 8: Add the export component by dragging it in.

Step 9: Choose a file type and DPI.

Step 10: Click on the process picture to get the finished image.

How Can I Maintain the Same Proportion While Scaling an Image?

You must maintain the same ratio to prevent a picture from seeming squished or stretched. Most editing tools and websites will include this as an optional feature.

  • It will be crushed if you transform a 100 × 100 (square) pictures into a 100 x 50 (rectangular).
  • It will be stretched if you adjust it to 50 x 100 (rectangular).
  • Your picture would be smaller and more proportional if you altered it to 50 × 50 (square, i.e., the same ratio). Perfect.


Since paintbrushes were invented, we can’t deny that picture editing software is the coolest thing. However, with fantastic innovation comes increased responsibility and expectations to provide flawless visual experiences. Most software nowadays has a “resize photo” option, whether they are for online-based media, web designing, or a blog. Resizing and developing photos is relatively common among those who use graphic images for various reasons. The ability to give an extension without sacrificing image quality is a common misconception concerning photo editing. To get the highest standards of image editing, matching everyone’s talents as well as what your budget will allow, you should choose the AutoRetouch program tools that best fit your requirements.

20 Pros of Batch AI Photo Editing You Are Not Familiar With

Batch AI photo editing is a new way to edit your photos. The application uses artificial intelligence to enhance the images you take and make them look better than ever. Batch AI photo editing is designed to make it easy to edit your photos without manually editing each image. This means you can spend less time searching for the right editing tool and more time doing what matters most: taking better pictures.

autoRetouch, a powerful AI photo editing software, has batch AI photo editing features that speed up your photo editing by removing unwanted objects and making the photos look more stunning. The batch AI photo editing of autoRetouch also is used for different purposes like retouching images, adding colors, resizing images, etc. The software works on your images to give them an ethereal glow, and it is one of the most comprehensive and advanced photo editing software available today. 

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at twenty pros of batch AI photo editing you may not be familiar with. 

Pros of Batch AI Photo Editing:

Batch AI photo editing improves the quality of images without compromising their original content, making it popular among photographers. There are many pros of using batch AI photo editing of autoRetouch, but here are twenty pros that you may not know about:

  1. Control Image Look: 

First, it allows users to create their own presets and save them for later use. This will enable them to control how their images look so they can spend less time post-processing and more time taking photos.

  1. Use Different Styles:

Another benefit is that the application allows users to use different styles, such as the 3D ghost mannequin style. This style will dramatically vanish the model from the apparel and produce outfit images with 3D ghost mannequin effects.

  1. It’s A Cloud-Based Service:

You don’t have to worry about crashing or running out of memory space. Because it’s a cloud-based service, there isn’t any need for storage space or computer resources on your end. Utilize the autoRetouch API right in your browser.

  1. Increase Productivity:

The other benefit is that it can help with productivity in more ways than one. Batch AI photo editing allows you to edit multiple photos simultaneously, saving you a lot of time. Sitting down and editing one image at a time can be a huge hassle. By using this feature, you will be able to make your work go by quicker. 

  1. Automatically Save File:

When you’re using autoRetouch batch AI photo editing, there’s no need to worry about saving files separately because they’re automatically saved as they’re being edited in real time!

  1. Bring Consistency:

In most cases, editing photos in batches is a new technique to take care of the tedious process. It also allows for more creativity and freedom. Most importantly, it’s much easier to avoid mistakes that can happen when you’re tired or rushing. And sometimes, only some things turn out exactly as expected. That’s why batch editing is excellent!

  1. Easy to Use and User-Friendly Interface: 

Batch AI photo editing comes with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that makes it simple on all platforms, including Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, and so on. For example, autoRetouch is easy to use because all editing options are available within one interface instead of having several different ones.

  1. Fast Processing Speed: 

The processing speed of autoRetouch batch AI photo editing is breakneck. You can easily batch edit multiple images at once without waiting a long time between each image processing step.

  1. High-Quality Output: 

The output quality of batch AI photo editing is very high, producing excellent results in enhancing the clarity of your images and removing unwanted objects from them quickly without leaving any trace behind. Thus making them look natural and realistic, the ‘remove background’ tool of autoRetouch can generate high-quality images by removing background elements.

  1. Enhance Effectiveness:

By having your computer do labor-intensive tasks, you may complete all photo editing tasks in a fraction of the time using autoRetouch batch AI photo editing software. This technology will allow you to edit huge images simultaneously, saving time from having to adjust each picture personally.

  1. Choose Different Effects:

The autoRetouch feature makes it easy to create impressive photo effects in just a few seconds! You can choose from many different effects, suppose a ‘add ground shadow’ effect, and add exposures and enhancements before sharing your photos with friends or posting them online!

  1. Multiple People Can Work Together:

Batch AI photo editing supports multiple people working together on one project so that everyone can get involved in creating something special together! 

  1. Fewer Mistakes:

The autoRetouch feature automatically corrects common problems such as moles, blemishes, and other imperfections. All this means that mistakes should be much less likely to happen when using the program. You will also find it easier to create a cohesive look across your images with consistency in white balance, saturation, contrast, and color adjustments.

  1. It Offers Free Trials:

You may test autoRetouch’s batch AI photo editing without paying for a subscription. Making an accurate decision about whether or not this will work for you is made easier thanks to this.

  1. Allows Users To Save Time:

It saves users time by eliminating the need to repeatedly adjust specific settings or change things like brightness and contrast on each photo they want to be edited (this saves time). The ‘Fix portrait exposure’ tool of autoRetouch saves time because it uses automatic exposure adjustment to create vivid, well-balanced photographs.

  1. Access To All Features:

Using batch AI photo editing of autoRetouch, you can access all features anywhere without problems. For access, upload the images on the workflow; drag and drop the editing tools in the workspace; set the specific features of each tool; let the AI do the editing processes.

  1. Multiple Tools In One Location:

You will get many tools in one place, which will help you complete any task quickly. To get the results you want, use them separately or in combination. autoRetouch keeps all its photo editing tools in one workspace to simultaneously do the different editing processes. As a result, you can remove the image background and crop the images at a time.

  1. Cutting-edge Photo Editing Tool:

autoRetouch batch AI photo editing tool could quickly improve your product photos. You can start creating superior ads for your products using this advanced photo editing tool, autoRetouch AI. It’s incredible how much extra value this tool can bring your business.

  1. Can Help Build Trust With Clients:

Product images are crucial for running an online business or selling goods there. People don’t just look at your online store for its product description and reviews; they judge your trustworthiness by looking at the images. Creating great product photos can help with that trust factor. So autoRetouch AI tools can help you with this.

  1. Reduced Costs:

Batch AI photo editing is an excellent option for small businesses to reduce costs on marketing materials. The one-time purchase allows you to create and edit many images simultaneously, saving you time and money. Getting started with autoRetouch batch AI photo editing takes less than a minute.

End Note:

If you are looking for photo editing software, then autoRetouch batch AI photo editing is the right choice. You can edit your photos using AI photo editing, a great way to enhance and modernize your photos.

How Do Professionals Edit Product Photos To Make Them Look Their Best?

How do professionals edit product photos? How do they make the colors just right and balance the exposure? Fortunately, several different tools can help you edit your product photos to make them look the best and ready to sell on social media sites like Instagram or e-commerce sites like Shopify. 

Professional photographers know how to capture the best photos of their products because they’ve been doing it long enough to develop their editing processes and techniques. You may also have heard that you can use Photoshop to edit your product photos, but how do professionals edit product photos? This article provides all the information required to set up your editing workflow and consistently produce gorgeous product images.

Find out how professionals use editing tools in this guide on editing product photos like a pro.

Use AI Photo Editing Tools:

Do you know what makes your product photographs most eye-catching? A superior picture can showcase your products in the right way. Using high-quality images increase not only your sale but also enhance your brand image. Hence, you can produce quality product photos with the help of AI photo editing tools like a pro. Professionals prefer Artificial Intelligence photo editing tools because of their accessible user interfaces and super editing speed.

Apply Background Removal Techniques:

For example, autoRetouch uses AI photo editing tools that apply machine algorithm techniques to enhance your image quality. Remove background is an AI tool that amazingly removes unwanted background subjects from the product image. You can remove the backdrop easily by yourself as a pro does. For the process, you can skip getting training. Follow the below steps to start your first photo editing by AI photo editing tool the remove background of autoRetouch:

Remove Background Steps:

Step 1: Upload the image

Step 2: Drag the remove background tool in the workflow

Step 3: Let the AI algorithm do the tasks and wait a little bit.

Step 4: Experience the magic and save your product image with no backdrop

See? The process is straightforward and standard; that will take a little of your time but give you back a fantastic photo by highlighting your product.

Crop and Resize Images:

Professionals use autoRetouch for pro photo editing to crop and resize their images to fit the appropriate dimensions. Photos must be resized by photo editing software to highlight the products in the eyes of the client appropriately. With the help of the ‘set on canvas’ component of resize images tool, the task will be easier. That’s why a pro always looks for an AI component to make images look their best.

Resizing Images With Set on Canvas:

First, select your desired product images to resize them. After the selection, upload one of your product photos in the workspace. Choose the set on canvas component from the menu bar. 

Then set the image’s size, alignment, padding, and color (if needed). The AI of the resize image tool will zoom out the product within a couple of seconds. You can preview the image and finally save the resized image. The system is automatic and requires less effort.

On the other side, if you need to crop out any unwanted parts of the picture, you can. Use the cropping tool as a professional does to highlight a specific part of the product. 

To help, we’ve rounded up five hacks you would like to apply!

Automatic Image Cropping Hacks!

Tips 1: Select the crop tool from the toolbox

Tips 2: Drop the image on the upload site

Tips 3: Set the top and bottom crop lines at the crop tool

Tips 4: See the result!

Tips 5: Get your cropped image!

Edit Images For Color and Contrast:

The use of a product photo editing tool is extensive, including increasing color contrast or changing the backdrop color of an image. Professionals love the autoRetouch photo editing technique that automatically adjusts pictures’ contrast and color levels with just a few clicks. The tools of color and contrast are helpful for pro photo editing and ensure you get the exact results you’re looking for.

Utilizing Fix Portrait Exposure:

Underexposed photo is a problem for image editing. It happens when the photo has brightness, contrast, and saturation levels downs or if the background is overexposed. You cannot fix this quickly by using your camera’s self-timer because it will need to be more steady. autoRetouch’s fix portrait exposure is the best tool to fix underexposed photos online.

The fix portrait exposure of autoRetouch is easy to use and has a basic user interface that makes it accessible to everyone. It automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of your photos, so they look sharper and more vibrant than ever!

Add Color For Background Effect:

Placing your product images on a solid background, such as white or another color, is one of the finest ways to improve them for online use. A backdrop like this will keep your products looking fresh and appealing to visitors.

Suppose you want to remove the blurry backdrop from your product photos. In this case, you can remove this backdrop by adding any adjustable color as a background effect.

Here are some tips you can use:

1) Open up the image in autoRetouch workflow 2) Select the remove background tool and set on canvas tool and set your desired color- you will see the AI quickly remove the background and add the selected color behind the product. 3) Click on the preview to see the result and save your best image. 

Export Edited Images in The Right File Format:

Product photo editing tools aim to make the product photos stand out while providing a realistic and natural appearance. However, as a pro, you must know how to export your images. Professionals know every technique for exporting their edited product images in the appropriate file formats. Using autoRetouch photo editing tool export, you can save and download your photos in various formats, i.e., PNG, JPEG, PSD, or TIFF.

Easily Export PSD PNG JPEG File:

To export your photos, drag the export tool from the toolbox of autoRetouch and place it beside your other selected tools. Then select the file type (PNG, JPEG, or PSD) from the export tool. 

You will see that artificial intelligence will quickly export the edited image in the selected file format. So, remember, once the photo is edited, it should be saved in a high-resolution format so that it will look its best when being shared on the internet.

Wrapping Up:

There are many ways that professional photographers and others can edit an image. They may use Photoshop, a mobile app, or any other techniques. For example, they might add natural shadows or crop the image to only take up a little space on the screen. They also can remove distracting elements by using a ghost mannequin or skin retouching technique. You won’t require any additional program because the autoRetouch software for editing photos of e-Commerce products will provide you with all the tools necessary to produce flawless product photos.

Why Businesses Prefer Using autoRetouch for Jewelry Product Photography

Why Businesses Prefer Using autoRetouch for Jewelry Product Photography

Before you go into a big jewelry business, it’s always wise to have a good marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy’s most crucial component is high-quality photos that differ from those on Google. That’s where we come in with our AI-powered image editor autoRetouch, for your jewelry product photography. 

autoRetouch is a web-based tool that enables you to create custom photo retouching and edits for your jewelry and other accessories. We provide you with stunning jewelry product photographs which will give your shop a unique touch. Businesses prefer using us because we provide the highest quality jewelry product photos using our AI-powered tools. We are dedicated to offering excellent service with our image editing components so that customers receive the product they have been dreaming of.

Do You Know Why We Need the Editing of Jewelleries Photography?

You need to edit your jewelry product photos for many good reasons. 

  • Jewelry products are small, so you need to highlight them in your photo, and image editing tools can only do this task.
  • Jewelry needs to look natural and realistic in photographs. Photo editors are a helpful tool to assist with this process.
  • To give jewelry pieces a more professional look.
  • To put the jewelry in more desirable environments.
  • To stand out from other jewelers on social media.
  • To deliver good quality images to customers or clients.
  • Provide custom jewelry product images.
  • For brand building, sales and revenue, and customer engagement.

You can depend on autoRetouch editing tools for your jewelry product photography needs.

Reasons Why Businesses Like autoRetouch Photo Editors to Jewelry Product Photography

Our clients prefer using our AI photo editing tools for many reasons, but they all benefit from our flexibility and accuracy.

It’s Super Fast and Easy:

Uploading a picture from your computer and making modifications takes less than 30 seconds. Our software allows you to add photo editing effects in minutes. Plus, you can remove backgrounds, add textures, and adjust color levels, so your jewelry designs pop off the page.

No artistic or graphic design background is necessary to use the software so anyone can use it without technical skills.

The Quality of Images is Great:

Our AI algorithms are constantly improving so we can offer the best quality images for jewelry. The software is made for all who need to edit pictures of their jewelry products and make them appear even more gorgeous than before.

The images will be high-quality, meaning your jewelry designs will look great on any platform. The software works with various image formats and is compatible with most operating systems.

Saves a Lot of Time and Money:

Our AI software is the best option for jewelers who want to save time and money. It can replace human labor, which means you don’t have to pay someone else to make your jewelry pictures perfect anymore because you can do everything yourself. The software will also help you create more images in less time, focusing on other things while keeping your business running smoothly.

If you want unique photographs that look professional but affordable, let us help you out.

Professional Image Editing Tools

We offer advanced image editing tools that enable you to create custom jewelry product photos. You can use our online professional photo retouching tools to create stunning photographs of your gem products which will help you increase sales and attract more customers.

Using our wide variety of AI components, you can ensure that your images look professional at all times. The software is made to help you get the most out of your jewelry products and prepare them for marketing.

Offers a Free Trial

autoRetouch photo editors to jewelry product photography offer a free trial to edit jewelry product photos because it will help new customers understand the value of its services. The great thing is that this will allow you to try the editing features of autoRetouch photo editors without spending a dime! You can edit some of your jewelry products’ images using the AI tools you want to test your photos.

However, after ending your trial, you will need to subscribe to the editors to edit your jewelry product photography.

Easy-to-Use Features

Our features allow you to modify and create beautiful jewelry product images in just minutes. Many styles and colors are available to choose from that fit your brand ideally. Like, using the remove background features of autoRetouch software, you can quickly vanish your ornament photos backgrounds or adjust and add any custom colors behind the gems by using other elements from the set on canvas.

We also have an extensive collection of features from our several tools, so you can create striking images without worrying about losing resolution.

Turning visitors into Consumers

Regarding your online jewelry shop, most online retailers focus on jewelry product photography and use it to generate sales. Photo editing software like autoRetouch can assist you in turning your visitors into consumers, and your conversion rate will increase significantly! 

Our excellent photo editing tools also can highlight every aspect of your jewelry products. For example, applying crop images of the autoRetouch can easily present different portions of your jewelry items. It will then be convenient for the clients to view the product and make a purchase decision. 

How to Edit Your Jewelry Product Photographs by autoRetouch

autoRetouch photo editors are one of the best photo editing sources in today’s market. Using autoRetouch for editing jewelry product photographs is a good idea. autoRetouch photo editors provide fantastic tools with unique features, that’s why anyone can update their images easily.

Step One:

Select your jewelry product photo > Go to the Tool page at > autoRetouch tools.

Step Two:

Sign into your account and click on > ‘From Scratch’ to create your workflow.

Step Three:

You are now at your workflow, and give it a name like the name of your ornaments product.

Step Four:

From your device, upload a photo of your jewelry on the upload option.

Step Five:

Allow the AI to change your image, and drag and drop the “set on canvas” tool to the workflow below.

Step Six:

At this step, assign the size, width, and length under the appropriate pixels by setting the size and padding of your photo in the ‘set on canvas’ tool.

Step Seven:

You can set alignment or add a background color behind your jewelry product photo if you wish.

Step Eight:

See the fantastic result in a few seconds with an updated image of your jewelry photo.

Step Nine:

Preview the edited image in the preview section; you can also change or set your size and length as you expect.

Step Ten:

Save and Download your final ornament photo.

As you can see, the steps are easy, and the entire process will take less than a minute. However, to polish or make other changes to your jewelry photo, you can use other photo editing tools of autoRetouch, like removing the background, crop, or export tool.

Last Words:

With the help of our professional e-commerce photo editing service, you can be sure that customers will see your jewelry product’s images in a way that makes them want to buy. We’ll help you make your products look their best, keeping them front and center in front of potential buyers’ eyes. We are dedicated to providing high-quality images for your jewelry product photography needs, and we look forward to working with you!

How autoRetouch Photo Editing Convert Your Customers into Buyers?

How autoRetouch Photo Editing Convert Your Customers into Buyers

Photo editing is one of the essential marketing techniques that help you convert your website visitors into buyers. If you use the autoRetouch Ai photo editing tools, things can be even more effective.

The problem with simply uploading the same old product images to your e-commerce website can be limiting the sales of your products or the products of sellers who use the same photos as you. Photo editing tools can help you edit your product photos effectively and adequately for eCommerce.

As more and more of us are scrolling through our Instagram and Facebook feeds, it’s becoming harder to stand out in the crowd. If this is you, don’t worry! You can do it by using our autoRetouch photo editing tools, which will help you create a custom style for your photo. Before you go anywhere, here’s some inside info on how autoRetouch can help you sell more products, increase your conversion rate, or both. But first, know the importance of photo editing to help turn your clients into buyers.

The Importance of Photo Editing in Attracting Customers and Converting Them into Buyers

Help Potential Customers Recognize Your Company

There’s no doubt that photo editing is one of the essential aspects of making a sale. Your product pictures are what will help potential customers recognize and recall your company or product. Doing well in this area will also increase the revenue you obtain a month. A well-edited product image can influence customers to buy the products and make a permanent client of that brand.

The Appearance of Photos Boosts Sales

Whatever your business, you’re probably more interested in increasing sales than increasing its profits. Although this is helpful, it also means that your business must be able to convert the client’s initial interest into actual purchases. Giving discounts and providing excellent customer service are a few ways you could achieve this goal. Editing your product images is one of the easiest ways to increase sales because it can enhance the appearance of your product photos or pictures.

Generate Interest and Increase Conversion Rates

Of course, if your product looks beautiful even before it’s sold, it will generate a lot of interest and increase conversion rates. But what if you want a lot more than that? What if you take your product photography to a new level? Yes, editing your product photos with a professional photo editor like autoRetouch can help you with this. 

Convince Customers to Buy the Product

There’s an ongoing debate among marketers as to whether or not the right images can convince a customer to buy your product. The truth is product photo editing can enhance an image and persuade buyers to buy the desired products. The best action you can take as a marketer to catch the eye of every customer who sees your product is to ensure that every image of it is immaculate.

How Can autoRetouch Photo Editing Tools Help to Convert Your Customers into Buyers?

Photos are one of the most impactful and essential elements of your website. It can make a huge difference in how much sales you generate if you have high-quality photos and add them to your products. autoRetouch photo editing is here to help you with that.

The Ai Photo Editing tools at autoRetouch are a first-class way to help improve the quality of your product photos and make them worthy enough to be included in an advertisement directly on your website.

Increase Sales, Conversion, and Conversion Rate

Could you edit your product photos before sending them out to customers? That would mean getting more buyers in the door so they can be prepared before they even reach your store. That’s where autoRetouch can come into play.

autoRetouch photo editing tools like ghost mannequin can help you improve conversion and sales and increase your conversion rate. This unique ghost mannequin effect enables the viewers to understand their apparel without the model in a realistic approach, leading them to quick purchase decisions.

Produce Unique and Stunning Photographs

It is a fact that a solid visual appeal can help to convert your visitors into buyers. However, every piece of communication has its meaning and effect. Meanwhile, the autoRetouch tool enables you to create unique and attractive photos without special skills by automatically editing various images with a mouse click and, for example, removing unwanted things from your product photos by applying the remove background tool.

Appealing Visuals Double Conversion Rates

Images are the most potent marketing tools available. They help your prospects visualize the solution you want to sell, so the photo editing tool autoRetouch help you sell better. Why? Because captivating images create a connection between the product and the customer, making their conversion rate twice as effective as plain text or static images.

Can Easily Create a Professional-looking Product Image

It’s simple. You send your customers the product photo and get immediate feedback on how good or bad that image is. You make some tweaks, and voila, you have a much better product photo. Now, what happens is that this process can be time-consuming and also costly. With autoRetouch Ai, we can create a professional-looking product photo in minutes!

Automatically Adjust The Desired Effects of Images

autoRetouch Ai is a powerful tool that you can use to edit your product photos and make them look great. How can the autoRetouch Ai product photo editing tool help you with your business? The answer lies in its ability to alter your photographs’ appropriate effects automatically so they aren’t very dark or overly vibrant.

Cutting-edge Photo Editing Tool 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could quickly improve your product photos? Use this advanced photo editing and cropping tool, autoRetouch Ai, and start creating superior ads for your products. It’s incredible how much extra value this tool can bring your business.

Assists Reduce the Editing Process’s Duration

You’ve probably seen a lot of similar products to yours. You think that it will be easy, right? We know that every product you create is unique. Still, a universal approach like autoRetouch Ai can enable you to shorten the duration of the creation procedure, increase your sales and improve your conversion rate.

Understanding how photo editing can help your business improve conversion rate and increase sales is essential, and you can use the autoRetouch tool for this purpose.

Final Sentences:

Everybody loves a good photo of themselves. Viewers enjoy seeing themselves in the pictures you share on your website, and some will even prefer to buy products from brands that feature attractive photos of themselves. However, having high-quality images of your product is just one piece of the puzzle. To pique consumers’ interest in your goods and increase revenue, you need to get them to look at the product itself, not just their friends giving it a beautiful makeover.

Using images on the Internet can make a massive difference in attracting customers, gathering attention, and converting prospects into buyers. You may have already noticed how vital high-quality photos are for driving traffic to your business’s website. Increasingly consumers are showing greater interest in the quality of product images and have indicated that they consider “visual appeal” as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions.

10 White Background Alternatives for Your Product Photos That You Should Pick Right Away

10 White Background Alternatives for Your Product Photos That You Should Pick Right Away

If you ask us what will be the right way to sell your product is, we must say using any color as a backdrop without white. It is a fantastic way to draw people’s attention to your products. As you know, to run a successful e-Commerce business, the product photography is a must. Choosing the right color background is essential to capture customer interest in product photos.

As a photo editor, it needs to decide which color you would like to add behind the product. Do you want to choose a complex color or the same color as the product, or do you want to use two colors at a time as the background color? However, some naturally love one color, and some prefer another. Today AI photo editor like autoRetouch is excellent software that makes your color editing tasks very easy. 

For today’s blog, we will introduce you ten best white background alternative colors to make your product photography outstanding and generate your income. By applying these colors, you will get more viewers to your product’s photos, and hopefully, they’ll be more willing to purchase your items than before. But before that, you must understand the importance of white background alternatives for product photos.

Need of White Background Alternatives for Product Photos

Adding bright colors or unique backgrounds can assist you in selling your product. A colorful background can focus on your product or name or other vital information mentioned on the products. The user can examine the product while getting ideas for how they might use it. Here are some reasons why using a white background alternative for product photos is essential.

Adding Bright Color Bring Creativity To Your Product Photos

Every product must have a purpose. So to reach the right product to the right consumer, it is necessary to present the product effectively. As photographs are the only equipment to mark your brand, perfect photography can attract more customers to your products. Shiny color as a product background can bring uniqueness and creativity to your items and increase product sales.

A Striking Image May Attract Customers’ Interest

A rich color image of a specific product on your product’s website may encourage potential customers to learn more about it. Using white color alternatives is thus an excellent option to attract customers’ interest in your brand. Keep in mind that some e-Commerce businesses are now discouraging the usage of white as a product backdrop to drive sales.

To Convince Customers To Buy a Product

Any product can be highlighted using bright colors on the back instead of white. Customers find product photography with a colorful background considerably more enticing than one with a plain background. A customer typically enjoys spending a lot of time on a product photo that can quickly grab their interest. Therefore, a white background alternative is necessary to convince any consumer.

White Background Alternatives Keep The Focus on Your Product

When choosing an item to buy, e-Com customers prioritize a few important factors, such as size, length, materials and color of the product. White color alternatives may play an important role here, and a colorful product background has the power to present a particular product more accurately inside the photos. Some eCom companies only select white as their primary product background, but sometimes white is not perfect for social media ads. Using creative, bright, and diverse backgrounds is applicable here to grab the customer’s focus.

It Helps To Keep Your Brand Strong

A noticeable color background supports the sustainability of your brand. People are more likely to recognize your brand when your backdrops have the color scheme of your specific products. Therefore, a stunning photo of a product is more significant for brand rankings.

Ten White Background Alternatives for Product Photos That You Should Choose Right Now

For your business success, it will be an excellent innovative idea to use several colors as background colors during editing photos of your brand items. But what will be your best white background alternatives for product photos? Read the below to get the ten white backdrop alternatives you can easily choose or use now.

1. Only Black Background

If your product color is white, golden, or yellow, then only a black background will perfectly highlight your product. Imagine one of your male models posing for a pure white suit, your brand item. Then using black as a backdrop while editing your photos will make your suit eye-catching to your targeted customers. 

2. Single Color As Background

When using a single color, keep in mind these options. The first one is to use the same color of the product as the background color. For example, you will edit a photo of a medicine box with yellow color. So, in this case, you may directly choose the yellow color as the background. The second is the use of contemporary color. That is, what fits with the yellow color of your medicine box? You may consider a red or green backdrop with yellow color. 

3. Less Important Color As Background

Use the less important color of the product as your product background color. For instance, soap is your main product, and the soap contains three different colors white and sky blue for most of the part and a little pink. So, apply pink color to your product background to give a pleasing look to your photo.

4. Using Two Colors As Background

The usage of two colors is very versatile. It is an excellent technique for improving your product photography. Using your editing tool, you may locate the exact color when editing. Light blue can be used as the background and light orange as the foreground. As complimentary hues, two are utilized.

5. Green Color As Background

Coloring the background of your product green will give it a more natural appearance. Green, a vibrant and life-giving color, can give your products a special touch. Use the green background to give your cosmetic brand photography a livelier feel. Applying some shadows will provide the appearance of reality.

6. Gradient Backgrounds

Use gradient backgrounds to bring color transitions if you like flexibility or versatility. If your product has both blue and pink hues, try to keep the contrast of both colors when editing. A lovely gradation of blue and pink will be very calming to the eyes and draw more attention to the product. The client might decide to buy the product right away. Therefore, the purpose of applying gradient color to the background is to leave a lasting impact on the customer, encouraging them to purchase your product. 

7. Pattern Background

If you are looking for a unique background, I suggest you use a pattern background as a white background alternative. You can also get the perfect color balance for your photographs by using various patterns, such as moire patterns, dot patterns, bokeh patterns, geometric patterns, and 3D patterns. Technology-related e-commerce sites typically love to use patterns as their product background.

8. Contextual Backgrounds

Contextual backgrounds can be wonderful white background alternatives. Customers can better picture how a product or service would feel physically, which also helps them know how the product will be helpful after they start using it. Product images with a contextual background help customers visualize the product in their minds, increasing their liking and desire to purchase it.

9. Solid Color Backgrounds

Various e-Com companies need different background colors based on their products. For example, solid colors like deep black, deep blue, or any other bright color backdrop can be ideal for skincare and baby products. Solid backgrounds make a product look glossy and appealing to the potential users of that particular brand item.

10. Textured Backgrounds

Textured Backgrounds add a visual element to give your products usability and a more realistic appearance. Different tones can influence the user in different ways; therefore, using some textural backdrops can provide a unique touch to the product and truly brighten a photo.

Final Touch:

You can put in little effort if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert to produce stunning product images. Follow the ten white background alternatives listed above. Use your imagination and begin by evaluating your product, picking the right backdrop color, and applying to give it a distinctive look.

How to Automatically Remove Background for Amazon Product Images?

How to Automatically Remove Background for Amazon Product Images

If you’re an online seller on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, you probably noticed how pervasive white backdrops are used on items to be purchased. After all, white backgrounds are transparent, consistent, product-focused, and appealing. This is why it has become a prerequisite for most e-commerce vendors.

However, there are several vital elements to consider to gain a competitive advantage in online marketplaces. For example, optimizing your product photos for e-commerce websites begins with white backgrounds. In this blog, let’s explore how to remove background for marketplaces like Amazon automatically.

But first, the basics!

Amazon Image Requirements

Did you know images can significantly affect a website’s user experience? This is why platforms like Amazon designed a string of strict rules for every photo uploaded. Here’s what you need to learn about these regulations before arming your website with compelling visuals:

File Format

You can use any file format, such as:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF

However, JPEG is most preferred on the platform as it loads quickly.

Background Color

The products must be placed against crisp white backdrops (RGB 255, 255, 255). Besides, the photo must not contain additional texts, graphics, or images other than the item listed.

 Color Mode

Amazon supports color modes like sRGB or CMYK.

Image Size

The images you will be using should at least be 1000 pixels in width and 1600 pixels on the longest side, and photos on the platform can’t exceed 10,000 pixels.


The product should cover at least 85% of the frame. At the same time, it shouldn’t obscure the entire canvas.

Your entire lifeline on Amazon depends on your ability to follow these golden rules. But before you hire professionals for your images, there’s a faster and cheaper way to get primed pictures for the platform. And if you think removing backgrounds is tedious and frustrating, use the AI-driven autoRetouch.

AI in Removing Background

Until recently, white background photography meant setting up a fancy shoot and investing a hefty sum in pristine white settings. Alternatively, you could take a picture and hire a professional to customize the backdrop using Photoshop manually. But both ways were expensive and time-consuming, a gatekeeper for small companies and startups.

Luckily, technology keeps pace with demand. AI-powered tools like autoRetouch came into play, and it’s a game-changer regarding background editing. Whether an editing wizard or a budding startup, autoRetouch allows you to remove and customize backdrops in just a few clicks.

Removing Background Color Automatically With autoRetouch

With autoRetouch, you can now remove backdrops in a breeze. At present, the software offers 5 background removal options:

1.    Select Clothing & Model

After uploading the images, autoRetouch’s AI segments the clothing and model and eliminates the rest. The most promising feature is that the process doesn’t require Photoshop knowledge and only takes a few seconds. Then, you can continue to retouch your images with other components like custom backgrounds, generating vector paths, skin retouching, etc.

2.    Select Clothing

This is a time-saving option if you want to prop up your clothing store with ghost mannequins. Here, the AI identifies apparel from the photos and eliminates the rest. Next, you can export the files in PSD for further retouching.

3.    Remove Plain Background

The marketplace standards keep changing from time to time, and Amazon is no different. What if one day, you wake up to find out Amazon changed all its backdrop guidelines? Then you can use the feature to recolor your backdrops with new ideas. With every click, autoRetouch ensures you get polished and repurposable images.

4.    Select Object

This feature automatically removes objects from the photo and gives a standalone and high-quality cut-out of the item. Make your products pop against white backdrops in just one click.

5.    Select Food

Want to glam up your food packages without flashy lights and white sheets? Just upload the RAW images and yank the loud backdrops from the photos. Further, use the custom background component to place the delicious dishes against crisp white settings.

Why Let AI Remove Backgrounds?

The power to automatically remove backdrops and place them against white settings is leveling the ecommerce playing field. autoRetouch even includes the batch editing feature. So, you don’t have to retouch images one-by-one and automate the entire background removal and customization process. This is a huge thumbs up for platforms like Amazon, where you need to stuff your inventory with thousands of products, and you can’t edit every image from scratch. Moreover, autoRetouch easily integrates with other tools, and you can quickly get more editing done in a cinch.

When AI gets involved, typically, it frees up hours of manual work. It lets sellers focus on creating a wholesome experience for the buyers. While there are many scary quotes about how artificial intelligence solutions like autoRetouch will steal our jobs in the future, the truth is a bit more reassuring. AI won’t replace our editors. It just takes the humdrum aspects of repetitive retouching away.

And the good news? It’s budget-friendly software with a pay-as-you-go option that requires a mere amount of £0.1 per image. Besides, the tool also allows you to retouch 10 photos for free. 


In the end, crisp, white backgrounds are essential for money shots. So, let the AI-powered autoRetouch be in charge of your Amazon product photos.

The Best Way to Frame Jewelry Photos and How autoRetouch AI Tools Raise Jewelry Photography

The Best Way to Frame Jewelry Photos and How autoRetouch AI Tools Raise Jewelry Photography

Like other product photography, jewelry photography is quite different. The reason is the different shapes and designs of this material. Images of jewelry can be created using a smartphone, digital camera, iPad, or another gadget. Additionally, there are some other factors responsible for capturing jewelry photos properly. Also, autoRetouch AI tools are performing their best to lift the jewelry industry. After reading the whole text, one can completely understand jewelry photography.

Accessories Need To Take Jewelry Photography Without Interruption

Arrangement of some supplements which can act as a subsidiary of ornaments for photo shoots. Items are:

  • Type of Camera Used
  • Using a tripod to stop the camera shake
  • Selecting glazed jewelry for striking photos
  • Using lighting, a lightbox, and a preferably white background
  • Use of ornament-wearing models or people
  • Using Props

Type of Camera Used

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are both utilized for capturing pictures of jewelry. These cameras are suitable for producing sharper images, can seize or focus the product intensely, and allow visualization and better capture of jewels scenes. Thus, choosing the camera to use is essential in taking jewelry photos.

Using a Tripod to Stop The Camera Shake

A tripod will lessen the camera shake and enhance image quality. Use the best aperture and ISO settings while a tripod supports your camera. Jewelry photography requires the use of tripods since they keep your camera steady. Your photos will be more explicit, transparent, and crisper if you use a tripod to stabilize them.

Selecting Glazed Jewelry for Striking Photos

It would help if you considered your jewelry to look clean and polished. If the item of which photos are you going to take is not found shiny, then there is the possibility of poor quality pictures. When handling ornaments for photo taking, gloves are preferred to avoid unnecessary marks on the gems. 

Using Lighting, a Lightbox, and a Preferably White Background

No additional light is required if natural lighting is chosen. When it comes to indoor lighting, it is essential to use the proper lighting that can be adjusted to the surroundings and to keep a lightbox for added support. Additionally, you can always use white paper or a sheet for a white background to snap great pictures of the jewelry. Use colored backgrounds and context occasionally.

Use of Ornament-Wearing Models or People

For the most outstanding jewelry shots, it’s a good idea to utilize a mannequin or an actual model who is adorned. For example, depicting the diamonds in a different approach will be a novel idea. It is quite effective in drawing customers’ attention, and customers can visualize what they would look like after putting it into their bodies. As a result, this image can bring in more customers.

Using Props

In jewelry photography, a prop can enhance and brighten the jewelry, and it’s also a good idea to control the colors in your photography. Flowers, crystals, frames, etc., can be excellent support while photographing jewels.

Now It’s The Time To Capture Jewelry Beauty In The Best Way

  1. Choose a supportive atmosphere.
  2. Think about the jewels. Keep the focus on the stone if it is the primary goal of the photograph.
  3. Keep your camera towards the jewelry item directly.
  4. Get up close to the miniature objects.
  5. Provision for the right amount of hard and soft light.
  6. Position a secondary light source next to your camera, such as several LEDs in a single fixture.
  7. Do not combine several light sources.
  8. Light your jewelry entirely and evenly.
  9. When photographing diamonds, avoid using flash because of the harsh illumination.
  10. Minimizing jewelry reflections and selecting the ideal camera angle

Putting the Final Touch on Ornaments Images

  1. Composing images with AI software or other tools
  2. Adjusting the photos to make them sufficiently bright
  3. A color balance check
  4. Getting rid of haziness
  5. Removing a smear from the jewelry photographs if found
  6. Sincere while, if necessary, adjusting the photo size

How autoRetouch AI Tools Assist in Raise Jewelry Photography? 

For instance, the fashion sector, especially jewelry companies, find it much simpler to advertise their stock of ornaments and gemstones on their websites by employing autoRetouch AI-powered editing software services. When shooting pictures of jewelry or other products, autoRetouch has some skilled photographers assigned to follow the most recent trends. They heavily rely on the unique capability of AI tools that can :

Remove Background: 

autoRetouch removes background devices assigned to showcase your products. Smart in automatically cuts the object from the background to better highlight your products in your online shop.

Adjust Padding and Alignment: 

This technique will uniform your product photographs. Regardless of variations in product size, the Adjust padding & Alignment tool can help you make your global market even more appealing by applying consistent padding to every image.

Image Resizing: 

The amazing autoRetouch resize photographs application can resize hundreds of images. This tool ensures that all your photographs have the same size and dimensions so that you can focus on the product value.

Automatic Image Cropping: 

The automatic image cropping feature of the crop photographs tool makes it possible to concentrate on the critical elements of your jewelry images while still allowing for some degree of customization.

These are some of the features mentioned above. However, there is additional software available to help with jewelry photography projects. Since editing is necessary for jewelry photographs, autoRetouch features are excellent.


The best method to advertise ornaments is to take images and display or post them online. A high-quality jewelry photograph can attract more people than any other material. For instance, diamonds are fabulous jewelry that can quickly catch people’s attention. Best ornaments photography can help increase sales and spread brand images all over, and it causes customers to trust and rely on the product and feel relaxed.

If the owners of the jewelry companies want to promote their business, there is no alternative to choose the option of jewelry photography.

How To Edit Furniture Photos Like a Professional

How To Edit Furniture Photos Like a Professional

There are numerous furniture superstores online. You can get stunning furniture photographs on several e-commerce sites to attract customers quickly. Some community furniture stores also keep flyers that feature gorgeous pictures of their furniture. The use of images in advertising for home furnishings is effective. When photographing furniture, photographers must maintain a manual or guidebook on hand for inspiration when creating photographs that will appeal to consumers. Online resources offer a variety of recommendations or directions for modifying furniture photos. However, in this blog article, we’ll work to create a unique guide for editing furniture shots so you can take stunning pictures to share on your personal or professional websites.

Start Your Furniture Picture Editing by Following Some Pre Steps: 

Research Before Start

It is wise to think before work is done. So, for an effective furniture photoshoot, spend some time online or at the nearest library to study furniture photography. Run into the furniture design or photo editing handbooks or manuals, scan the images, and take important notes. However, in the end, you can gain some new ideas and combine them with your personal goal.   

Decide on a Camera Lens

The most crucial factor is selecting the camera lens when taking pictures; otherwise, all your plans could go wrong. There are numerous types of camera lenses on the market. Sony FE 90mm F2.8, Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Wide Angle Lens, and Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG HSM are some notable camera lenses for furniture and other product photography.

Knowledge of Photo Editing Software

So many photo editors are now available to edit and upgrade your product photographs. For example, Canva, autoRetouch, Photoshop, Pixlr, etc., are beneficial tools to assist you in your photo editing tasks. You can watch videos on youtube related to furniture photo editing, get some valuable tips, and download them for further thinking.

Select Some Home Appliances and Categorize Them

First, you need to decide which furniture photos you will take. Such as, if your company specializes in trading living room fittings, then you picked some living room furniture. In the case of varieties, you may categorize those like living room items, kitchen appliances, and bedroom decor for uniqueness and convenience for the customers. Sometimes customers like to see separate photographs of each category. 

Clean The Furniture and Choose The Background

If your decor is found with dust and spots, then consider removing all the dirt from the materials. Also, it’s required to burnish or color the items, then do so. Dirty can make your photographs blurry and not so graceful. So pay attention to this part. Another vital thing is choosing the right background for furniture photography. It’s a good idea to hang a clean and white or any other colorful screen behind the furniture equipment or around the studio. Remember that the color of the screen or backdrops and furniture must not match each other. Otherwise, there is a chance of capturing a poor-quality picture.

Arrangement of Necessary Auxiliary to Photoshooting

Some essential equipment needs to be prepared to shoot stunning photos. Additional accessories like softbox lights, fluorescent lamps, umbrella lights, and tripods are crucial to capture outstanding shots. To give the shooting room more character, a few electronic items, such as a television, laptop, phone, refrigerator, oven, and other gadgets, may be included. Thus, it will produce some breathtaking and excellent photos.

Use a Variety of Angles

Do not stick in one angle during capturing furniture images. Try to shoot from different corners of the shooting spot and target various parts of the furniture. Click on the items’ right, left, back, and front sides; this way, the photographer can adequately utilize the room covered with furniture.  

Now It Is The Time to Edit The Captured Photos

In this part, you will find instructions for modifying furniture photos. Edit the furniture photo by following the steps below.

Step 1. Adjusting The Brightness and Contrast

Customers always like to see the exact look of the desired product. Ensure the natural contrast and brightness of your furniture photos for a natural look. Software is available to help the photo editor do the tasks smoothly, such as Photoshop providing brush tools, namely Dodge and Burn Tools. For brightening the furniture, dodge allows removing the darkness from the images.

Step 2. Remove The Background

By removing the background, you can expand the image with more objects. Including customized alterations is necessary and enables editors to crop off unneeded parts of photographs. Enhance the aesthetic effect of ideas by making the background translucent or changing it to any appropriate hue. As a result, furniture will appear neat and solid.

Step 3. Use of Resolution

Resolution is required to apply in regards to luxurious pieces of furniture, and it improves the image quality and attracts clients. With a higher resolution,  the image will be more engaging to customers. Therefore, the solution makes it possible to print photographs in larger sizes, in the proper color, and a smooth tone.

Step 4. Create 3D Images

3D images give realistic photo visuals to viewers. With 3D 360 degrees techniques, the photo editor can quickly provide the furniture photos with a great look. This simple editing procedure shows off the image quality. It proved that photorealistic visuals always win the attention of the viewers. 

Step 5. Final Touch 

Finalizing the photographs while maintaining their original size is crucial. See if you can find any unexpected areas in the pictures, for instance. If so, be sure there aren’t any noticeable or unattractive marks. Keep in mind that professional images increase brand trust. Retouching is, therefore, essential in enhancing the photographs with the best visual effect to remove the defect.

Last Words:

Last but not least, in this blog post, we tried to cover pre-stages and technical aspects of furniture photo editing. You can achieve an impressive result using this manual, and this handbook will also show you some ways to edit your other product pictures. So why do you still wait? Gather your photography equipment, prepare the environment and start your furniture photography program!