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Clothing Photography How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell More

Clothing Photography: How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell More

For any clothing business, the proper photograph is one of the key components to promoting the business and attracting customers. Even when e-commerce was not too popular, clothing photography was important for business promotion. And now, it is even more important. Let’s learn how you can take pictures to increase the sale of your clothes.

Determine Your Style 

There are multiple design styles on how you can display your outfit. Before capturing the images, determine what style you want to follow. The styling depends on your budget, time, and preference. If you want to work alone, you will choose a different style than you would have chosen to work in a group.


It is a simple photographic style where you put the clothes and accessories on a flat surface to display how they would look. If you want to follow the style, you will not need much equipment or workforce to carry it on. 

The advantage of flat lay is that it will clearly show the texture and layering of your outfit. As the object is kept on a flat surface, there will not be any illusion. This makes the customers believe that the product is as it looks in the image.


If you want to show your client how the dress will look while wearing it, using an ideal model is the best way. But it might be a little more expensive than flatlay or mannequin. The perfect model can make your clothes look more beautiful and attractive, which will inspire the viewers to buy the product.


You can also hang your clothes on a hanger or wrap them around a mannequin. Hanging is great if you don’t want to use another person and depend on their schedule but want to show the length and texture of your product. You can use the same hanger for multiple images anytime you want.

Ghost Mannequin 

Ghost mannequin has been quite popular nowadays. Many apparel industry and small business owners use this effect to make their outfits look more attractive and highlighted. You can use the ghost mannequin effect from AutoRetouch to make your image look more professional.

Prepare Equipment 

You will need multiple pieces of equipment to set up the background and capture the right image. Here are a few pieces of equipment that can give your photography a professional look.


The first thing you need is a steady camera. You can use a smart device like a smartphone with a high-quality camera or a DSLR that will give you the freedom to adjust the properties and capture your image.


When you are taking pictures indoors, you can use different backdrops instead of a wall as a background. Choose the backdrop that complements your clothes to make the features pop out.


If you choose to capture your clothes photo by putting them on a mannequin, then you will need a flawless mannequin that matches the body type you want to portray. Choose a standard-size mannequin to make the picture look stunning.


Lighting is a must for any professional photographer. Arrange all the lights you need before starting the process to save time and give your business an elegant look.


You can use a tripod whenever you need to have a steady image but cannot keep the camera straight. The tripod will keep your camera in a fixed position and help you to adjust the light balance. It will not be shaky if you want to hold your camera in one place for a long time.

Set Up Your Studio 

After you collect all the equipment, you need to set up the studio or background to capture the perfect photo. You can visualize the image in your mind, then start to set up the whole set to make your image look more professional.

Check Camera Settings 

As the studio is set, it’s time to adjust your camera setting. With the proper camera setting, you can create the perfect image that will make your product shine brighter.

Click The Image 

After all the adjustments are made, you can now click the image and capture the moment. While at it, capture as many photos as possible from different angles to select the perfect one later.

Edit The Photograph 

Even after capturing the image, there are many parts that you might need to adjust. Photo editing skills come in handy in this situation.


Cropping is one of the most used editing options. When the subject is out of focus or the frame is tilted, a little bit of cropping can solve that issue.

Color Adjustment 

Color adjustment is a vital part of your photo editing. You can make your clothes look real and get rid of any shadows or unwanted gradients through color adjustment.


After you’ve chosen the perfect color and brightness for your image, it is time to highlight the ornamentation and details of your clothes. Multiple highlighting options will help you to keep your customer on your website.

Background Removing

For clothing photography, background removal is one of the best services. Removing background helps you to get rid of unwanted objects and highlight your clothes. You can use the background removal service from AutoRetouch to have smooth and fast background removal.


For any online business, photography is one of the core marketing elements. It is even more important for the apparel industry. Use your photographic skill effectively to make your images stand out.