Technology demo: ghost mannequin effect

We’ve created the world’s first AI capable of generating ghost mannequin effect images automatically from two input images. We’re starting with pants and will expand further. 🙂

Visualization of a ghost mannequin/hollow-man effect image from the category pants.

Meet Casper, our ghost mannequin machine learning model

Use your own images or our example images and test it extensively below for free.

How do I achieve the best results?

The machine learning model is still young, yet continuously improves. To get the best possible results today, please follow these instructions for all input images.

Product image

Inlay image

Why is this a big deal?

Retouching and merging a product and an inlay product photo to create ghost mannequin-, aka neck-joint-, aka invisible mannequin-, aka hollow-man- images is one of the most common image editing tasks in the Fashion world. Until now it was impossible to create this kind of image automatically due to limitations in the current generation of retouching and image editing software tools. Within autoRetouch, we will make it possible.

Love it! What should I do next?

Happy with your results? Not happy? Anyway, we’d love to hear your opinion.

For quick feedback, please shoot us a note at

You can also generate ghost mannequin images with autoRetouch today, by creating a workflow using our current background removal component. Learn more here.

Want to be on the early access list?

If you’re interested in using the completely automated ghost mannequin technology, want to stay up to date on the development, and be on the list for early access to our upcoming Ghost Mannequin API, please submit your details via the form below.

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