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The Importance of Ghost Mannequin in the Fashion Industry

The Importance of Ghost Mannequin Effect in the Fashion Industry

Selling fashion apparel online can be daunting and confusing, especially when you need help to illustrate the garment’s proper fit. There’s a cut-throat battle in the fashion industry, and fail-safe methods don’t work anymore. If you’re looking for ways to add extra oomph to your attires, consider unique ways to showcase the outfit.

The ghost mannequin effect is a spectacular idea to attract online prospects. Besides adding a stunning glimpse to your photos, ghost mannequins exhibit your attires in the most flattering way and naturally attract more sales. This blog shows how the ghost mannequin or the hollow man effect is recasting the fashion industry.

What is the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

You’ve probably seen invisible bodies flaunting outfits on several websites. The ghost mannequin is a simple and effective post-production technique designed to solve the showcasing dilemma. For the fashion industry, it is the most compelling medium to promote apparel.

The effect is achieved by snapping multiple shots of apparel on a model or mannequin and then combining the images in the post-production stage to eliminate the traces of the figure. The end result is a life-like version of a hollow man presenting the outfits. It helps the buyer visualize how the garment will look if worn on a body.

The process is also an alternative to saving cost and time. Hiring models is costly, and creating the chemistry between the garment and the model’s poses can be grueling. While with invisible mannequins, you can get the work done in quick, simple steps:

  • Style
  • Shoot
  • Edit

We’ve seen many brands dedicating hours of work and patience to reproducing ghost mannequins. However, the process can be simple. With AI-powered tools like autoRetouch, you can automatically produce ghost mannequins for your garment in just a few seconds, right after snapping the photos.

The Importance of Ghost Mannequin in the Fashion Industry:

Even though fashion brands adopt diverse showcasing techniques, the ghost mannequin effect tops the list. Here’s why:

1. High Definition Photos:

Ghost mannequin photography is a remarkable selling tool where users are directed with HD photos. An HD photo defines the clarity of the product. Customers are more likely to purchase from your store only if you can craft a robust imagery strategy. Since ghost mannequins are professional and don’t detract the audience from the focus, why not arm your editing journey with the hollow man effect?

2. Free of Distraction:

Experts believe the most incredible perk of ghost mannequins lies in their ability to create professional photos without distracting backdrops. Snapping the images of a garment draped on a model or dummy will result in irrelevant elements being included (such as the hands and appendages). Studies revealed that shoppers are likelier to purchase a product if the photo doesn’t contain distraction elements. With a ghost mannequin, sellers can strictly direct the audience’s attention to the product.

3. Cost-effective:

If you are in the fashion industry, it’s already difficult to combat the rising costs of the industry. And if you are somebody who doesn’t want to splurge on models and their stylings, a ghost mannequin is the ultimate solution for you. The hollow-man effect is convenient and doesn’t require intense styling and makeup. The best part? Unlike models, the result won’t charge you money. Just invest in a good mannequin, and you are good to go with clicking photos like a pro.

4. Stunningly Beautiful Images:

The ghost mannequin effect rejuvenates the eyes. There are no unnecessary items in the photo, and the shape of the apparel remains intact. On top of that, ghost mannequins also empower retailers to unveil hidden logos, hems, stitches, collars, etc. Unlike in-store shopping, online shopping doesn’t allow customers to experience the product. But, if you use the hollow man approach, the audience can better resonate with your products. You can also use different styled mannequins to further alleviate the shopping experience.

5. Increase Conversion Rates:

As an online seller, your chief aim is conversion and increased ROI. Fortunately, with eye-catching, HD, and enticing garment photos, you can get closer to your goals. When visitors see the life-like version of their desired products, it prompts them to purchase. Remember the photography flats? Don’t they look boring? Well, ghost mannequin photos are dynamic living photos. With the prime focus on the product, the images turn to provoke and stimulate. This, in turn, maximizes confidence and minimizes doubts.

6. Competitive Advantage:

Once your website is equipped with a bunch of impressive garment images, you are bound to make better sales than your competitors. By effectively showcasing the garment via the ghost mannequin effect, you give your customers a reason to choose your store and purchase without any doubts. The best part is the process yields refined images in minimum time. It’s a massive boost for your store when you order a new shipment and need to launch the line before your competitors.

7. Eliminate Post-production Complexities:

The benefits of ghost mannequin photography for the fashion industry aren’t just limited to sales, conversions, or visualization. It goes way beyond. When retailers use models for photography, it requires a cumbersome editing process. From skin retouching to color correction– the journey is lengthy and strenuous. On the bright side, images reproduced via ghost mannequins do not require complex editing phases, mainly when using autoRetouch. The produced images are stunning and already all set to go out on the internet. With ghost mannequin photography, you can eliminate any complex editorial stages and complete the work on time.

In Conclusion:

Since online selling heavily relies on images, presenting impressive visuals is crucial for your sales. And ghost mannequin photography is the best way to do that. The fashion industry is all about grabbing attention. So, use the feature, and voila, enjoy increased click-through rates, traffic, and ultimately revenue.Did you know autoRetouch uses AI-powered algorithms to automatically reproduce the ghost mannequin effect? Switch to AI and skip the extra duty!