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How Does Ghost Mannequin Service Boost Ecommerce

How Does Ghost Mannequin Service Boost Ecommerce?

Selling apparel online requires perfection in every aspect. And the brand that can showcase clothing most enticingly will undoubtedly outperform competitors and generate revenues. This is why most ecommerce platforms are engaging ghost mannequin services to improve their product photos.

You’ve probably heard about the fashion industry buzzword if you are an ecommerce retailer. The ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin effect is a hack to enhance your apparel photos. If you’ve ever struggled to demonstrate the fit of your clothes online, the invisible mannequin effect will act as your savior.

In this blog post, let’s explore how ghost mannequins or invisible mannequins boost ecommerce sales!

Let’s pace up and begin!

Advantages of Ghost Mannequin Services:

Ever found yourself drooling over attires floating on thin air and immediately jumped to the Add to Cart option? Well, that’s the invisible mannequin technique, where editors eliminate the exposed body parts from the attires during the post-production stage and use an invisible mannequin to showcase their apparel.

Here’s how ghost mannequin photography stimulates ecommerce selling:

1. Enhance the presentation of the mannequin shot:

Ghost-mannequin effect is one of the most well-known approaches to showcasing the fit and fashion of attire. Usually, it upgrades the general outlook of the website by arming the platform with rich, alluring, and stunning visuals. Since the product images are styled minimally, you won’t find your visitors shifting their eyes elsewhere.

Additionally, the invisible mannequin effect eliminates the potential interruptions from the image and assures your product photography turns impeccable. Pictures speak a thousand words, and ghost mannequins ensure your photos are interactive.

2. Set the stage for professional photos:

There are several methods for retouching apparel photos, but only some clicks of the mouse guarantee professional images. Maybe you have a great store with authentic products, but the photos you are using are average. The result? Dissatisfied audience with poor conversion rates.

The ghost mannequin effect aims to present your apparel in a way that makes your images sell. Adopting the retouching wonder for your business leads your viewers to see something that speaks for your brand. No, invisible mannequins are not magic wands. But, if you are looking for ways to minimize distraction, they are the drill.

3. Invisible mannequin comes with affordable pricing:

Ever found yourself emptying your pockets on models and their styling? Yes, that happens, especially when you run an ecommerce apparel store, and models are the only way to grab attention from the audience.

Fortunately, ghost mannequin services are affordable and won’t cut your pockets. If you are a seller in the fashion industry, it’s already challenging for you to cope with the rising apparel prices. The cheap solution? Invest in a good mannequin today, and start embellishing the dummy with attires and accessories.

Once the mannequin is all prepped up, snap the photos and use AI-driven services like autoRetouch to automatically generate the ghost mannequin effect. This way, you’ll get beautiful product images and save the extra bucks for your next venture in the fashion industry.

Further, the invisible ghost mannequin technique ensures you spend only a little money on photography sessions. With every click, you can get a spellbinding outcome with any typical camera and lighting techniques.

4. Invisible ghost mannequin boost conversions:

Every ecommerce seller shares a common and constant dream– conversion and increased ROI through product photography. Fortunately, high-definition and enticing garment photos ensure you remain in the loop of modification. The sales of your products heavily rely on the quality of your images. Unless you grab the audience with eye-catching visuals, it might be difficult for you to propel conversions. The more eyes you pull in, the easier it becomes for you to sell. Using a ghost mannequin to generate top-caliber and excellent photos promises revved sales.

Unfortunately, most sellers skip the crucial invisible mannequin hack and use flat lays to demonstrate their apparel. There’s nothing wrong with flat-lay photography, and they work great for T-shirts.

However, retailers need better ways to create high-quality photographs. So, if you are rummaging for ways to upgrade the quality of your product image– why not give ghost mannequin services a spin?

5. Ghost mannequin images convey transparency and clarity:

How do you know you can put your trust in an online store before making a purchase? Well, fellas, explore around you. Review the top-notch stores in the industry and skim through their product photography. They display the attire’s quality, clarity, and style with every product image.

Photos retouched by the ghost mannequin effect confirm consistency. They do not carry distraction elements, have consistent backdrops, and all the images have the exact alignment.

Further, the hollow man effect allows you to demonstrate the hidden details of the attire. Hems, chains, logos… the list goes on. Since audiences are skipping the traditional brick-and-mortar stores to make purchases from your ecommerce site, ensure you are creating the best client experience for them.

A ghost mannequin service lets you convey the transparency and credibility of your store.

6. Invisible ghost mannequin assists visualization:

Did you know a product floating freely can help in visualization? Well, people love to visualize themselves in the apparel they purchase. And the moment they are flattered by the visualization, they’ll hit the order button. This is how ecommerce trading works. You can win sales through product photography.

People don’t just see the clothes; they like to experience the product. So ensure the audience gets a clear picture of how the apparel will look on them once worn. You can use models for the purpose or go with the affordable ghost mannequin services if you are on a budget.

7. Repurpose the imagery with ghost mannequins:

If you are selling on ecommerce platforms, you are probably trying to make sales across different platforms. Ecommerce sites like Amazon don’t permit product images with model models or figurines.

The answer? Use a mannequin image to portray the style of your apparel and make sales across different marketplaces.

How to Improve the Ghost Mannequin Photography?

You can improve the quality of your mannequin image in just a few steps:

  • First, choose a detachable mannequin to remove the additional parts during photography. Investing in transparent or matte white dummies is always wise since they are easier to eliminate during the post-production stage. Always conduct the photo session against white background layers.
  • Don’t leave the attires looking saggy and disoriented. Use clips and pins to ensure the dress keeps the apparel taut and that nothing is hanging at the end. Keep the shoulders at a level and make gradual changes while snapping the photos.
  • Take close and detailed shots. Let your audience experience the quality of your clothes.
  • Fine-tune the images before you send them off the pictures on the internet.

In Conclusion:

Ecommerce sales are all about grabbing attention at the right time. And ghost mannequin services ensure you get impressive images at every click. Did you know the AI-powered autoRetouch lets you reproduce ghost mannequins automatically? Skip the laborious editing sessions and join the revolution of AI today!