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The Best Way to Frame Jewelry Photos and How autoRetouch AI Tools Raise Jewelry Photography

The Best Way to Frame Jewelry Photos and How autoRetouch AI Tools Raise Jewelry Photography

Like other product photography, jewelry photography is quite different. The reason is the different shapes and designs of this material. Images of jewelry can be created using a smartphone, digital camera, iPad, or another gadget. Additionally, there are some other factors responsible for capturing jewelry photos properly. Also, autoRetouch AI tools are performing their best to lift the jewelry industry. After reading the whole text, one can completely understand jewelry photography.

Accessories Need To Take Jewelry Photography Without Interruption

Arrangement of some supplements which can act as a subsidiary of ornaments for photo shoots. Items are:

  • Type of Camera Used
  • Using a tripod to stop the camera shake
  • Selecting glazed jewelry for striking photos
  • Using lighting, a lightbox, and a preferably white background
  • Use of ornament-wearing models or people
  • Using Props

Type of Camera Used

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are both utilized for capturing pictures of jewelry. These cameras are suitable for producing sharper images, can seize or focus the product intensely, and allow visualization and better capture of jewels scenes. Thus, choosing the camera to use is essential in taking jewelry photos.

Using a Tripod to Stop The Camera Shake

A tripod will lessen the camera shake and enhance image quality. Use the best aperture and ISO settings while a tripod supports your camera. Jewelry photography requires the use of tripods since they keep your camera steady. Your photos will be more explicit, transparent, and crisper if you use a tripod to stabilize them.

Selecting Glazed Jewelry for Striking Photos

It would help if you considered your jewelry to look clean and polished. If the item of which photos are you going to take is not found shiny, then there is the possibility of poor quality pictures. When handling ornaments for photo taking, gloves are preferred to avoid unnecessary marks on the gems. 

Using Lighting, a Lightbox, and a Preferably White Background

No additional light is required if natural lighting is chosen. When it comes to indoor lighting, it is essential to use the proper lighting that can be adjusted to the surroundings and to keep a lightbox for added support. Additionally, you can always use white paper or a sheet for a white background to snap great pictures of the jewelry. Use colored backgrounds and context occasionally.

Use of Ornament-Wearing Models or People

For the most outstanding jewelry shots, it’s a good idea to utilize a mannequin or an actual model who is adorned. For example, depicting the diamonds in a different approach will be a novel idea. It is quite effective in drawing customers’ attention, and customers can visualize what they would look like after putting it into their bodies. As a result, this image can bring in more customers.

Using Props

In jewelry photography, a prop can enhance and brighten the jewelry, and it’s also a good idea to control the colors in your photography. Flowers, crystals, frames, etc., can be excellent support while photographing jewels.

Now It’s The Time To Capture Jewelry Beauty In The Best Way

  1. Choose a supportive atmosphere.
  2. Think about the jewels. Keep the focus on the stone if it is the primary goal of the photograph.
  3. Keep your camera towards the jewelry item directly.
  4. Get up close to the miniature objects.
  5. Provision for the right amount of hard and soft light.
  6. Position a secondary light source next to your camera, such as several LEDs in a single fixture.
  7. Do not combine several light sources.
  8. Light your jewelry entirely and evenly.
  9. When photographing diamonds, avoid using flash because of the harsh illumination.
  10. Minimizing jewelry reflections and selecting the ideal camera angle

Putting the Final Touch on Ornaments Images

  1. Composing images with AI software or other tools
  2. Adjusting the photos to make them sufficiently bright
  3. A color balance check
  4. Getting rid of haziness
  5. Removing a smear from the jewelry photographs if found
  6. Sincere while, if necessary, adjusting the photo size

How autoRetouch AI Tools Assist in Raise Jewelry Photography? 

For instance, the fashion sector, especially jewelry companies, find it much simpler to advertise their stock of ornaments and gemstones on their websites by employing autoRetouch AI-powered editing software services. When shooting pictures of jewelry or other products, autoRetouch has some skilled photographers assigned to follow the most recent trends. They heavily rely on the unique capability of AI tools that can :

Remove Background: 

autoRetouch removes background devices assigned to showcase your products. Smart in automatically cuts the object from the background to better highlight your products in your online shop.

Adjust Padding and Alignment: 

This technique will uniform your product photographs. Regardless of variations in product size, the Adjust padding & Alignment tool can help you make your global market even more appealing by applying consistent padding to every image.

Image Resizing: 

The amazing autoRetouch resize photographs application can resize hundreds of images. This tool ensures that all your photographs have the same size and dimensions so that you can focus on the product value.

Automatic Image Cropping: 

The automatic image cropping feature of the crop photographs tool makes it possible to concentrate on the critical elements of your jewelry images while still allowing for some degree of customization.

These are some of the features mentioned above. However, there is additional software available to help with jewelry photography projects. Since editing is necessary for jewelry photographs, autoRetouch features are excellent.


The best method to advertise ornaments is to take images and display or post them online. A high-quality jewelry photograph can attract more people than any other material. For instance, diamonds are fabulous jewelry that can quickly catch people’s attention. Best ornaments photography can help increase sales and spread brand images all over, and it causes customers to trust and rely on the product and feel relaxed.

If the owners of the jewelry companies want to promote their business, there is no alternative to choose the option of jewelry photography.