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How Can Ghost Mannequin Photography Rev Your Business

How Can Ghost Mannequin Photography Rev Your Business?

Thanks to digitization, people discovered a more comfortable forum to satisfy their shopping cravings. But, showcasing the products on your website can be intimidating if you’re a seller in the ecommerce apparel industry. Customers are here to comprehend how your products look or perform when worn. Sadly, models are expensive and can be cost-prohibitive for startups. The good news is you have options! Enter– the ghost mannequin effect.

Ghost mannequin photography has become a favorite trend in the fashion industry and is an ideal approach to showing the fit of apparel on the internet.

What is the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

The ghost mannequin effect is a powerful post-production technique for apparel imagery. This is an imaging style where photographers use white or transparent mannequins to generate a 3D effect of the fashion apparel.

In ghost mannequin photography, multiple images of clothing are snapped, including the exterior and interior of the garment. Then the remaining traces of the mannequins are eliminated, and images are combined using editing properties, leaving you behind with a photo that demonstrates the 3D fit of your apparel. These 3D silhouettes can rev your sales by stimulating the range for imagination.

The ghost mannequin effect is hard to produce, especially for non-professional editors. But wait, have you tried the AI-driven autoRetouch yet? autoRetouch uses machine learning algorithms to reproduce automated ghost mannequins for your business. And the best part? The process is self-regulating and doesn’t require any technical skills. So, spruce up your product photos in seconds without smashing the bank.

How Does a Ghost Mannequin Accelerate Your Business?

Ghost mannequins make your apparel the ultimate sales magnet. Explore how the hollow man effect or neck joint services can accelerate your business:

Convenient to Use:

Ghost mannequins come with detachable body parts. All it takes is to dress the dummy with your attires and remove any unwanted body parts you don’t want in the photo, making it look true to its ghost mannequin characteristics. After that, you are ready to snap pictures of the mannequin. Unlike traditional dummies, you don’t need to spend hours in front of the computer trying to remove unwanted body parts. So, think of the time you can save daily, especially when you have a new shipment at bay.

Capture the secrets:

Have you browsed through an apparel website and read lengthy product descriptions to find the product dimensions? We’ve all been there at least once, and the process is monotonous. But the ghost mannequin effect has really ended this bugging issue and opened doors to capture the hidden details of the apparel. From the product size to logos, or fabric hemlines, ghost mannequins catch all the invisible attributes of the outfit. This way, your customers can get a rough picture of the entire ensemble just from the image! When your customers make confident purchases, they’ll be happy to return for more.


Think of the amount of money apparel retailers spend on models, designers, stylists, photographers, etc., to capture brilliant pieces of their outfits. Terrifying, right? But what if we tell you ghost mannequin reduces your product photography costs by half? Don’t believe us? Just choose a detachable form, and boom. You are ready to snap the photos once you’ve styled your mannequin.

Secondly, some dresses may be suitable for a specific group of models. So, instead of switching models based on gender and body stats– why not use clips on the mannequin to illustrate the fit of your outfits? A cheap and convenient solution for all your apparel!

Increase Professionalism:

One will dare to make a purchase from your site only if you have professional photos for your audience. The unflattering fit of the outfits, poor lighting, inconsistent backdrops– nobody is buying from that website. If you’re trying to sell online, ensure your product images are consistent and convey integrity. This way, you can uphold your brand standards, and your clients can make the purchase with complete assurance.


Nothing beats a ghost mannequin when it comes to comfort. Ghost mannequins are available almost everywhere. You can drop by your nearest retail store and pick up the dummy of your dreams. It’s affordable, readily available, and convenient. Unlike the big brands, you don’t have to scour through a million portfolios to pick up the face of your website.

Improved presentation:

Ghost mannequins improve the looks and features of an ecommerce site by enhancing the texture and quality of stock photos. The strategy ensures your audience pays their full attention to the product, which creates higher sales figures and boosts the store’s ROI.

Increase Conversions:

Since the process contributes to a store’s ROI, it’s no secret ghost mannequins also accelerate conversions. Posting top-caliber, stunning, and eye-catching visuals help to pull in clients. Look at the top brands in the industry. How are they so popular, and why are people fascinated by their products? Well, now you know it! They don’t have a secret mojo or unique tricks on their sleeves. Instead, they accomplish their goals with solid imagery framing. If the store looks promising, your items will sell faster.

Reduce post-production complexities:

Assuming a brand works with models, it must pull off its A-game during the post-production stage. Retouching the skin, cropping, fixing backgrounds, shading rectification– it takes a lot of work to prepare an impeccable image for the internet. Additionally, some retailers may seek professionals and pay a hefty sum to get the job done. To ensure you don’t fall within the criteria, why not leverage the ghost mannequin effect? This will give stunning visuals and provide the greatest bang for your time, mainly when you use AI-driven solutions.

In Conclusion:

Undoubtedly, a ghost mannequin is an excellent investment depending on the budget and building of your brand. Now that you know the roles of the ghost mannequin in the business arena, why not switch to the hollow man effect today? And if you think reproducing them manually is painstaking, tap on the AI-powered autoRetouch today and have the images web-ready in seconds.