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How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique?

There is various reason that sometimes you need to edit your images. Either you want to add color to the image background, resize your images or cut out different portions of the particular photos. Various AI tools are available to efficiently carry out your editing activities, simplifying and speeding up the process.

autoRetouch, Adobe Photoshop or Luminar AI are well-known artificial intelligence photo editors that can help you cut out an image of your products. All this software uses machine algorithms techniques to edit your product pictures as you wish to see. 

Once you’ve read this blog post, you’ll understand how to use the autoRetouch Crop Images tool to cut out your product images.

About autoRetouch Crop Images Tool:

Automatic image cropping tool Crop Images is an excellent component of autoRetouch AI-powered photo editors. This component is customizable and can highlight or concentrates the significant elements of your product or fashion images. The AI’s cropping technique can detect the model and specific key features, including the model’s nose, neck, waist, shoulders, chest, and knees.

Cut Out Image Technique of autoRetouch

You can cut out your photo with the Image cropping tool of autoRetouch Crop Images. The Crop component of this tool will help you edit your pictures by cropping specific portions of your image to focus desired product. Let’s start from the beginning: 

Select Your Photo 

First, choose the specific image that you want to cut out. Visit the Workflow Page of autoRetouch by clicking the option shown in the following image:

Drag & Drop The ‘Crop’ Component

To start your image cutout, drag & drop the ‘Crop’ component into the workflow below, just like the image:

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

Upload Your Product Image

Now upload your product image from your device by clicking on the ‘Upload image’ option.

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

Set Your Top and Bottom Crop Line

Imagine that you wish to draw clients’ attention only to your bag by showcasing it within your picture. For this, you need to set your top and bottom crop line. For example, if you look at the image below, several options like the above nose, below the nose, neck, west, etc., are mentioned by the system to set your cut lines.

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

To cut out your image and highlight your bag to the consumers, you may select the ‘Below Nose’ option from the Top Crop line and wait a while. After a few seconds, you will find your desired image by focusing on your item, i.e., your bag. 

Save and Download The Cut-Out Image

You can see the result at the preview option, and if it seems okay to you, then save and download or export your cut-out image with your product highlighting.

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

Here is your final cut-out image:

How Can I Cut Out Image Applying autoRetouch Crop Images Technique

The complete process will take only a couple of moments. And the cutout image techniques applied here are so easy and convenient for all when editing their product images. You can add another tool, ‘Remove Background‘ of autoRetouch, to delete the image’s background.

Reasons For Using ‘Crop Images’ Tool

Crop Images of autoRetouch is a powerful cutout image tool that e-Commerce businesses can widely use. Those who used this tool will never look back to any other photo crop tool. However, here are some pros of the autoRetouch Crop Images tool for why you should use this tool.

Use of Various Option To Focus on The Main Item

The autoRetouch Crop component lets editors focus on the primary item using various options. These choices make cropping images more straightforward overall. It is possible to place multiple crop lines above the nose, at hips, at mid-calf, and close to the object boundary to keep the main product fixed in the buyers’ eyes. As a result, AI Crop Images simplified the editing process by incorporating several alternatives. 

Cut Out Useless Portions and Focus on The Targeted Area

It’s expected that shoppers typically look at products before purchasing and love to examine different parts of the main product inside the image. Therefore, the editing process does not need to keep the unnecessary parts of an image.  One of its charms is the versatility of autoRetouch AI’s Crop tool to remove unnecessary elements from an image. Like, cropping the lower part of the body of a model wearing a sunglass to focus on the frame of the sunglass.

Make an Impression on The Client

Cut out images or cropping is done to improve the overall composition of the picture. By removing the unnecessary object, you can edit the size of the product and bring attention to the thing of the image. Crop your brand image so that your picture can convey a message to the clients. The main subject must appear in the cropped photo to impress the customers.

Easy To Cut Out Image Online

Today’s AI image editors, like autoRetouch, make editing photos a pleasure. You don’t need to download or installing software or apps to cut out your image. The entire process is completed online. Uploading a photo, selecting a crop tool, and finishing the crop after visiting the tool’s designated site takes only a few seconds.

Save Cost

The main reason for using autoRetouch AI photo editor is to save money. The crop Images tool will take only 0.10 € per image. This cheap cropping tool may quickly and effectively finalize your photographs. You may cut the image away without using any special software. Get cropping services from autoRetouch for a reasonable cost.

Final Words:

Photographers frequently use cutout tools to crop images and attract the viewer’s attention to a specific part of an image. The thrifty online photo cropping tool ‘Crop Images’ by autoRetouch simplifies the cropping task and increases interest in the particular product. The time is now for you to try it and begin cutting out photographs to publish online.