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How Do Professionals Edit Product Photos To Make Them Look Their Best?

How do professionals edit product photos? How do they make the colors just right and balance the exposure? Fortunately, several different tools can help you edit your product photos to make them look the best and ready to sell on social media sites like Instagram or e-commerce sites like Shopify. 

Professional photographers know how to capture the best photos of their products because they’ve been doing it long enough to develop their editing processes and techniques. You may also have heard that you can use Photoshop to edit your product photos, but how do professionals edit product photos? This article provides all the information required to set up your editing workflow and consistently produce gorgeous product images.

Find out how professionals use editing tools in this guide on editing product photos like a pro.

Use AI Photo Editing Tools:

Do you know what makes your product photographs most eye-catching? A superior picture can showcase your products in the right way. Using high-quality images increase not only your sale but also enhance your brand image. Hence, you can produce quality product photos with the help of AI photo editing tools like a pro. Professionals prefer Artificial Intelligence photo editing tools because of their accessible user interfaces and super editing speed.

Apply Background Removal Techniques:

For example, autoRetouch uses AI photo editing tools that apply machine algorithm techniques to enhance your image quality. Remove background is an AI tool that amazingly removes unwanted background subjects from the product image. You can remove the backdrop easily by yourself as a pro does. For the process, you can skip getting training. Follow the below steps to start your first photo editing by AI photo editing tool the remove background of autoRetouch:

Remove Background Steps:

Step 1: Upload the image

Step 2: Drag the remove background tool in the workflow

Step 3: Let the AI algorithm do the tasks and wait a little bit.

Step 4: Experience the magic and save your product image with no backdrop

See? The process is straightforward and standard; that will take a little of your time but give you back a fantastic photo by highlighting your product.

Crop and Resize Images:

Professionals use autoRetouch for pro photo editing to crop and resize their images to fit the appropriate dimensions. Photos must be resized by photo editing software to highlight the products in the eyes of the client appropriately. With the help of the ‘set on canvas’ component of resize images tool, the task will be easier. That’s why a pro always looks for an AI component to make images look their best.

Resizing Images With Set on Canvas:

First, select your desired product images to resize them. After the selection, upload one of your product photos in the workspace. Choose the set on canvas component from the menu bar. 

Then set the image’s size, alignment, padding, and color (if needed). The AI of the resize image tool will zoom out the product within a couple of seconds. You can preview the image and finally save the resized image. The system is automatic and requires less effort.

On the other side, if you need to crop out any unwanted parts of the picture, you can. Use the cropping tool as a professional does to highlight a specific part of the product. 

To help, we’ve rounded up five hacks you would like to apply!

Automatic Image Cropping Hacks!

Tips 1: Select the crop tool from the toolbox

Tips 2: Drop the image on the upload site

Tips 3: Set the top and bottom crop lines at the crop tool

Tips 4: See the result!

Tips 5: Get your cropped image!

Edit Images For Color and Contrast:

The use of a product photo editing tool is extensive, including increasing color contrast or changing the backdrop color of an image. Professionals love the autoRetouch photo editing technique that automatically adjusts pictures’ contrast and color levels with just a few clicks. The tools of color and contrast are helpful for pro photo editing and ensure you get the exact results you’re looking for.

Utilizing Fix Portrait Exposure:

Underexposed photo is a problem for image editing. It happens when the photo has brightness, contrast, and saturation levels downs or if the background is overexposed. You cannot fix this quickly by using your camera’s self-timer because it will need to be more steady. autoRetouch’s fix portrait exposure is the best tool to fix underexposed photos online.

The fix portrait exposure of autoRetouch is easy to use and has a basic user interface that makes it accessible to everyone. It automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of your photos, so they look sharper and more vibrant than ever!

Add Color For Background Effect:

Placing your product images on a solid background, such as white or another color, is one of the finest ways to improve them for online use. A backdrop like this will keep your products looking fresh and appealing to visitors.

Suppose you want to remove the blurry backdrop from your product photos. In this case, you can remove this backdrop by adding any adjustable color as a background effect.

Here are some tips you can use:

1) Open up the image in autoRetouch workflow 2) Select the remove background tool and set on canvas tool and set your desired color- you will see the AI quickly remove the background and add the selected color behind the product. 3) Click on the preview to see the result and save your best image. 

Export Edited Images in The Right File Format:

Product photo editing tools aim to make the product photos stand out while providing a realistic and natural appearance. However, as a pro, you must know how to export your images. Professionals know every technique for exporting their edited product images in the appropriate file formats. Using autoRetouch photo editing tool export, you can save and download your photos in various formats, i.e., PNG, JPEG, PSD, or TIFF.

Easily Export PSD PNG JPEG File:

To export your photos, drag the export tool from the toolbox of autoRetouch and place it beside your other selected tools. Then select the file type (PNG, JPEG, or PSD) from the export tool. 

You will see that artificial intelligence will quickly export the edited image in the selected file format. So, remember, once the photo is edited, it should be saved in a high-resolution format so that it will look its best when being shared on the internet.

Wrapping Up:

There are many ways that professional photographers and others can edit an image. They may use Photoshop, a mobile app, or any other techniques. For example, they might add natural shadows or crop the image to only take up a little space on the screen. They also can remove distracting elements by using a ghost mannequin or skin retouching technique. You won’t require any additional program because the autoRetouch software for editing photos of e-Commerce products will provide you with all the tools necessary to produce flawless product photos.