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How To Add White Background to Photos

How To Add White Background to Photos | autoRetouch AI Tools Easy Ideas

Are you aware that the color white stands for purity or innocence? Also, adding a white background to anything will beautify your face or other objects stunningly. In the case of photo editing or background tasks, photo editors usually love to add white color behind the product’s pictures. If you want to get a white background to your brand, then autoRetouch AI tools may assist you with this.    

But Why Do You Choose White Background? 

The main reason is that white canvas is an easy way to represent the features of any item. Plus, it will limit the quantity of light that shines on your picture. The system needs particular attention when lighting a white canvas, and it is primarily an excellent option for product photography. 

For many e-Commerce businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, white background is their leading choice for product photography. Products with busy backgrounds distract shoppers and give the impression that they are worse. Thus, fashion industries have many reasons to choose white backgrounds when editing product images.

Easy To Add White Background by autoRetouch AI Tools

Add a Custom Background is easy to add a white background to your brand images by autoRetouch AI Tools. Its features allow you to keep your product identity unique by adding white or other custom colors. You may choose different services to include a white backdrop to your product photos. Still, autoRetouch custom color background will let you instantly get customized colored backgrounds for unlimited photos. Also, you can edit, remove and save your images quickly and easily.

How To Use autoRetouch Tool To Add A White Background To An Image: 5 Step by Step Process

Using aotuRetouch’s tools, you can learn how to add a white background to an image. You need to follow the simple five steps:

Step 1: Go to the Product Button and Select autoRetouch Tools

First, go to the website of autoRetouch and click on the Product menu, and here you can see the autoRetouch tools option. Click on that. 

After that, the tool pages will be visible, and there, you can easily trace the ‘Add a Custom Background’ link; click on that, and further, it will jump you to the tool page.

Step 2: Choose The Option for Adding White Background Behind The Product 

In this stage, you will find several options, like if you want to get a white background behind your items or if it is about a model wearing your staff, and you want to remove the background picture and add white color, you can do that. 

So why late choose your option and click on the ‘Start Removing’ Option? Suppose you want to add a white backdrop to the images of a model wearing a dress. Then you have to click on the Start removing option below the Model photography. So click on that and go to the next step.

Step 3: Upload or Drop Your Image and Click Edit Settings

As shown in the picture, a clear path is directed to drag your image to start your original photo editing tasks. However, look at the top right corner, find the ‘Edit Settings’ and click on that link. You can find the below page.

Step 4: Time to Add White Background Behind The Images

Next, like the image below, click on that ‘Workflows’ option and then reach another page:

Your ‘Workflows’ site will be as follows. However, although several features exist, you need to click on the ‘Process Images’ link beside the ‘Shopify- Fashion -Clothing Only’ features.

After clicking on the ‘Process Images’ link, you will visit the page below and select your desired product images. It would be easier to press ‘Edit Settings,’ go to the actual page and upload your image. 

After uploading your product photo, it’s time to add the white color behind your image. Look at the picture! The picture is bearing the background, but how can you add a white background behind this pic? 

How To Add White Background to Photos
  • Upload your photo by selecting the upload image option.
  • Fix the Select clothing & model  
  • Save your changes

Step 5: Additional Features for Instances, Size, Alignment, File Type, and Saves Images with White Background

Additionally, in this step, you can add white color from the Background menu. Not only that, This  AI tool lets you change and edit your product sizes and alignments, like putting your images left, center, or right. During saving the edited photos, you can save by choosing file type  JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.

Here you go with your images with White Backdrop!

The Most Effective Photo-Editing Tool Is The autoRetouch’s AI Tools

Many free and paid image editor tools or AI software are available. But with autoRetouch AI tools, it is more accessible and takes a second to edit the brand’s pictures. Add, cut, alter, or do anything without hassle with these tools. The ability of the autoRetouch AI tool to provide users with various easily accessible functions is its charm. Some popular photo editing AI tools of autoRetouch are Add a Custom Background, Remove Background, Skin Retouch, Adjust Padding and Alignment, and Resize Images.  

With its AI tool, it is possible to create a stunning product image within a couple of minutes. Its free features allow limited options to do any editing tasks with the photos, but its pro option with different packages offers unlimited photo editing work with immense features. Download the autoRetouch app for your PC and feel the great experiences of AI photo editing tools.

Final Words:

There is no substitute for selecting autoRetouch AI Tools if you want to grow your business quickly and without wasting time. Especially when it is crucial to add a white background to your product photos, auto retouch built its Add a Custom Background tool only to assist you in making your brand image look outstanding and generate income. This tool is designed to heap more customers at your website through its photo editing performance tools.

So why are you late? Try it now and raise your profit!