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How to Easily Remove Background Elements and Backdrops from Images

How to Easily Remove Background and Backdrops from Images

Removing backgrounds is one of the vital aspects of the photo manipulation stage. However, the process is repetitive and utterly tedious. This is particularly true when you have to work with thousands of images on strict deadlines. The thing is, photos are used to showcase the beauty, advertise, and preserve memories. A harsh glow of light and even stray hair in the background can ruin a perfect picture. The worst part is that minor imperfection often detracts the viewer. Fortunately, background removal is a quick fix for these bugging problems. If you want your viewers to focus on the right things, it’s high time you apply the immediate solution to your images.

4 Reasons for Removing Background from Images

Here’s why every photographer needs to be armed with a background removal tool:

1.    To get rid of the unnecessary objects

Even the most highly-skilled photographers make mistakes. Specks of dust, a misplaced object, pets in the background… There are innumerable ways to ruin a perfect photo. So, remove unneeded things from the backdrop if you want to bless your viewers with vivid visual presentations.

2.    To reduce eye stress

Marketplaces like Amazon or eBay require white backgrounds. Yes, you could pull off the tones of the products with any other backdrop options. But, whites ensure your viewers focus on the right things, mainly when you sell online.

3.    To set the stage for special edits

There are myriad functionalities one can use to edit a picture. Sometimes, the snaps may require extra glam with shadows and reflections. And none of that can be won without removing backgrounds.

4.    To enhance visual impact:

Your website needs alluring images to propel positivity. Having subpar pictures on the site is a letdown. You can always notch up the quality of your visual assets through background removal.

How to Easily Remove Background from Images

Background removal is the most time-consuming and error-prone part of the post-production stage. Many photographers opt for Photoshop, but we know the tool is complicated and requires a learning curve. The good news is there are automated tools out there for efficient businesses. When choosing from multiple automated software for background removal, autoRetouch should be at the top of your list.

What is autoRetouch?

autoRetouch is an automated solution to eliminate the non-creative manual steps from the background removal. It uses Artificial Intelligence to identify the backdrop from the image and removes them easily with high-quality cutouts.

The software is best known for ensuring quality, precision, and consistency while delivering results 10x faster. So if you are a beginner looking for convenient background removal options, autoRetouch is all you need. The most significant impact when shifting from manual editing to automated processing is the time you’ll save. This is especially a bonus for e-commerce retailers as it boosts their sales with high-end editing.

How to Remove Background from Images Using autoRetouch

The tool comes with 5 different presets for background removal:

Select Clothing & Model

In this mode, the AI detects the piece of outfit and figure of the model. Once the main subject is identified, the tool eliminates the studio background entirely.

Select Only Clothing

This preset is trained to select only the attire piece in a photo, particularly from a mannequin, and removes the rest of the body parts. The select-only clothing component best suits the neck-joint or ghost mannequin service.

Remove Plain Background

This feature works best for already pre-processed images with a plain white backdrop. The component is recommended when you have to repurpose your imagery to achieve consistency in corporate identity.

Select Object

You can use this feature to retain anything other than apparel and model shots.

Select Food

The algorithm is trained only to select food from many things in the picture.

autoRetouch’s Remove Background component is designed around the concept of workflows. In a workflow, you can tie up various elements like skin retouching, ground shadows, etc., and apply these effects simultaneously. You can also leverage the bulk-editing feature of the software to retouch 100 images at once.

Benefits of the Remove Background Component in autoRetouch

  • Driven by Artificial Intelligence
  • Secured platform
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality and speedy Delivery
  • No learning curve required
  • Imports files in PSD for further retouching


Whether it is the e-commerce retailers dealing with hundreds of photos every day or photographers crazy for the best outcomes– an automated tool like autoRetouch can make the tasks easier and faster. Removing background from the images is challenging, especially when there’s a good chance of wiping the entire frame. Unless you are an expert in Photoshop, it’s improbable you can get the job right. But that shouldn’t stop you from chasing your passion. AI-driven tools can ensure quality results and eliminate the boring background from your images in seconds.