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How To Edit Furniture Photos Like a Professional

How To Edit Furniture Photos Like a Professional

There are numerous furniture superstores online. You can get stunning furniture photographs on several e-commerce sites to attract customers quickly. Some community furniture stores also keep flyers that feature gorgeous pictures of their furniture. The use of images in advertising for home furnishings is effective. When photographing furniture, photographers must maintain a manual or guidebook on hand for inspiration when creating photographs that will appeal to consumers. Online resources offer a variety of recommendations or directions for modifying furniture photos. However, in this blog article, we’ll work to create a unique guide for editing furniture shots so you can take stunning pictures to share on your personal or professional websites.

Start Your Furniture Picture Editing by Following Some Pre Steps: 

Research Before Start

It is wise to think before work is done. So, for an effective furniture photoshoot, spend some time online or at the nearest library to study furniture photography. Run into the furniture design or photo editing handbooks or manuals, scan the images, and take important notes. However, in the end, you can gain some new ideas and combine them with your personal goal.   

Decide on a Camera Lens

The most crucial factor is selecting the camera lens when taking pictures; otherwise, all your plans could go wrong. There are numerous types of camera lenses on the market. Sony FE 90mm F2.8, Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Wide Angle Lens, and Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG HSM are some notable camera lenses for furniture and other product photography.

Knowledge of Photo Editing Software

So many photo editors are now available to edit and upgrade your product photographs. For example, Canva, autoRetouch, Photoshop, Pixlr, etc., are beneficial tools to assist you in your photo editing tasks. You can watch videos on youtube related to furniture photo editing, get some valuable tips, and download them for further thinking.

Select Some Home Appliances and Categorize Them

First, you need to decide which furniture photos you will take. Such as, if your company specializes in trading living room fittings, then you picked some living room furniture. In the case of varieties, you may categorize those like living room items, kitchen appliances, and bedroom decor for uniqueness and convenience for the customers. Sometimes customers like to see separate photographs of each category. 

Clean The Furniture and Choose The Background

If your decor is found with dust and spots, then consider removing all the dirt from the materials. Also, it’s required to burnish or color the items, then do so. Dirty can make your photographs blurry and not so graceful. So pay attention to this part. Another vital thing is choosing the right background for furniture photography. It’s a good idea to hang a clean and white or any other colorful screen behind the furniture equipment or around the studio. Remember that the color of the screen or backdrops and furniture must not match each other. Otherwise, there is a chance of capturing a poor-quality picture.

Arrangement of Necessary Auxiliary to Photoshooting

Some essential equipment needs to be prepared to shoot stunning photos. Additional accessories like softbox lights, fluorescent lamps, umbrella lights, and tripods are crucial to capture outstanding shots. To give the shooting room more character, a few electronic items, such as a television, laptop, phone, refrigerator, oven, and other gadgets, may be included. Thus, it will produce some breathtaking and excellent photos.

Use a Variety of Angles

Do not stick in one angle during capturing furniture images. Try to shoot from different corners of the shooting spot and target various parts of the furniture. Click on the items’ right, left, back, and front sides; this way, the photographer can adequately utilize the room covered with furniture.  

Now It Is The Time to Edit The Captured Photos

In this part, you will find instructions for modifying furniture photos. Edit the furniture photo by following the steps below.

Step 1. Adjusting The Brightness and Contrast

Customers always like to see the exact look of the desired product. Ensure the natural contrast and brightness of your furniture photos for a natural look. Software is available to help the photo editor do the tasks smoothly, such as Photoshop providing brush tools, namely Dodge and Burn Tools. For brightening the furniture, dodge allows removing the darkness from the images.

Step 2. Remove The Background

By removing the background, you can expand the image with more objects. Including customized alterations is necessary and enables editors to crop off unneeded parts of photographs. Enhance the aesthetic effect of ideas by making the background translucent or changing it to any appropriate hue. As a result, furniture will appear neat and solid.

Step 3. Use of Resolution

Resolution is required to apply in regards to luxurious pieces of furniture, and it improves the image quality and attracts clients. With a higher resolution,  the image will be more engaging to customers. Therefore, the solution makes it possible to print photographs in larger sizes, in the proper color, and a smooth tone.

Step 4. Create 3D Images

3D images give realistic photo visuals to viewers. With 3D 360 degrees techniques, the photo editor can quickly provide the furniture photos with a great look. This simple editing procedure shows off the image quality. It proved that photorealistic visuals always win the attention of the viewers. 

Step 5. Final Touch 

Finalizing the photographs while maintaining their original size is crucial. See if you can find any unexpected areas in the pictures, for instance. If so, be sure there aren’t any noticeable or unattractive marks. Keep in mind that professional images increase brand trust. Retouching is, therefore, essential in enhancing the photographs with the best visual effect to remove the defect.

Last Words:

Last but not least, in this blog post, we tried to cover pre-stages and technical aspects of furniture photo editing. You can achieve an impressive result using this manual, and this handbook will also show you some ways to edit your other product pictures. So why do you still wait? Gather your photography equipment, prepare the environment and start your furniture photography program!