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Top 7 Tips on How to Take Great Pictures of Clothes to Sell Online

Top 7 Tips on How to Take Great Pictures of Clothes to Sell Online

Pictures with related information about clothes on a website help consumers to choose and buy their items easily and quickly. To increase the sale of the brand’s items, the company owner assigned a person who is an expert in capturing and uploading clothes images on the designated web pages. 

Taking photos with a cell phone, standard camera, DSLR camera, and iPad can be easy. But when it comes to shooting images of a particular brand, like clothes, one must follow some strategies or techniques to enrich organic traffic and sales to upload for business purposes. 

To boost the selling rate, we are here to provide you seven best tips by which you can quickly get a photo shoot for your fabulous dresses. Here are the tips that will help you to take great pictures of clothes to sell online.

Choosing The Right Camera

When selecting an appropriate camera, consider a few key things first. Consider the camera’s setup, accessories, image quality, hand-friendly ergonomics, size and length of the camera, its lenses, and—most importantly—its most recent model. However, the Canon EOS 80D is the most outstanding entry-level DSLR for clothing photography, so go with it. A Canon EOS M50 DSLR may be ideal for your dress photos. You have the option.

Get The Clothes Ready to Take Photos

Next, select the dresses to photograph, examine and take pictures of the gowns that will be posted on the website for sale. Please make sure the dress is error-free by checking it thoroughly. If so, replace the item right away with a different one. Ensure that the clothing is dry, clean, and properly ironed. Buyers only hit on items that appear polished and shiny.

Taking Costume Photos

To produce quality pictures of attire, the photographer should know how to capture particular components of the garments, like embroidery, buttons, lining, length, and band, as these could be key selling points. It is wise to shoot as many images as possible. Prioritize should be given to hit the front, back, left, and right sides of the dress, and a few close-ups that can rank the quality of the product. 

For clothing photography, there is a standard to maintain, like shutter speed must be set at around 1/125 and zoom in and zoom out also followed. It is also recommended to try to capture the whole pattern of the dresses because customers tend to examine the entire body before purchasing. 

Setting Up The Tripod, Lighting, Background, and Environment

For a perfect photo shoot and preventing camera movement, a tripod can help a lot. Before beginning the capture, try to set up this tool. The richness of color and the brilliance of the object’s lighting give an image its significance and are essential for producing the best texture. Try always to have a lightbox or other artificial light source handy. This equipment makes it easier to maintain uniform illumination throughout the photos. In pictures, the background is frequently a part of the entire scene. Successful photography depends on appropriate application and design. A white background is a fantastic choice for close-up photography, candid shots, stock photos, and product photography.

Use of Dummy in The Absence of a Model

Using a mannequin or dummy instead of a model is a superb way to take high-quality clothes shots if a model is unavailable. This tool is frequently used in the apparel business to represent the overall appearance of a dress. Another smart move is to use this pattern to highlight the clothing’s shape, design, and color during the brand’s photo shoot.

Image Editing and Saving

The most crucial step in creating amazing shots of fine apparel is editing the photos for clarity and attractiveness. Various graphical applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, are available to change the photos’ lighting, saturation, and transparency. Many sizable e-commerce corporations, like Amazon, embrace outsourcing image retouching and editing services for clothing images. Remember to save the final photos that are taken for web posting.

The Most Photos You Can Take

Think about snapping as many pictures as you can. It can allow one to choose the top photos from vast collections. Not all images are of the same caliber, and selecting the perfect shot is pretty simple after looking through the pictures.


As you can see, taking clothing photographs is relatively easy. You need to know the above basic guidelines and follow them accordingly. You can make excellent clothing photography and generate business with proper attention, hard work, and sincerity. Why late? Hold the camera, position it, click on the product, and smile!