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Magical Formula to Crop Image Online

Cropping images is one of the essential aspects of image editing. After all, no one likes unsightly or awkward objects ruining a particular photo. We often find bloggers and content creators using original images, leading to sluggish or lagging websites. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Ideally, users should crop the visuals they will use for engaging and faster websites.

You might question, why crop? Well, cropping is a powerful tool for websites– which is often overlooked. While not every image requires cropping, the visual impact can be significantly enhanced when you crop images professionally. Sometimes, knowing when and how to cut pictures can be challenging. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about cropping and show you how to crop images online in a single click.

What is cropping?

Cropping eliminates a part of the image to improve framing, change the aspect ratio, or emphasize a subject. The technique assists you in refashioning your subject, letting your audience focus on only the best parts of the image. The process is a prevalent method to retain all the elements you want and delete those you don’t want in your photo.

To truly understand cropping, we must understand the two key concepts:

1.    Aspect Ratio.

2.    Pixels.

Aspect Ratio:

An aspect ratio is the proportion of width to height. Images over the internet typically require an aspect ratio of 16:9, and cropping is the only way to get these proportions.


Pixels are the little squares of colors that form your images. Every digital photo comprises a grid of horizontal and vertical lines that work together to present your idea. When you crop a picture, you reduce the pixel by cutting down certain sections from the image, hence curtailing the total size of the image.

How to crop images online?

The crop image tool from autoRetouch is a must-have for fashion portraits or product images. Its purpose is to trim the excess pixels from your photos rather than resize your image. While you could crop with any editing tool in the market, most stretch your pictures at awkward ratios. And the worst part? Cropping becomes exhausting when you have tons of images on your desk and strict deadlines.

But, our AI-enabled algorithm helps to effortlessly construct a consistent look across your catalog or e-commerce website by cropping images in bulk.

Here is why autoRetouch is a magical formula for your imagery:

Brings photos into focus:

Remember that vacation photo you looked great in, but there was too much noise in the background? Or do you have pets that ruined your best shots? Luckily, autoRetouch makes it incredibly simple to alter and enhance the composition of your image with one click. Just upload the pictures in the software, and have the algorithm reveal the best parts of your image.

Lets you select multiple cropping points:

The component allows you to crop the image from the top, bottom, and sides. Just tap on the relevant key points to add more impact to your story. Remember, each picture tells one story and carries a single message. Getting several messages across in one image can lead to perplexity. So leverage the AI-powered autoRetouch to crop images online and bring the subject to focus.

The AI algorithm is trained to crop at the following key points:

·    No crop

·    Above/below the boundary

·    At object boundary

·    Above nose

·    Below nose

·    At shoulders

·    At neck

·    Below chest

·    At waist

·    Above knees

·    At mid-calf

·    At ankles

·    At hips

Did you know autoRetouch also has a program to crop model faces specifically? You can use the feature to create unique and captivating pieces of your product minus the diverting model’s face.

Set the aspect ratio:

Changing the aspect ratio is essential to make your images compatible across devices and platforms. Fixing this proportion is critical due to the relationship between the width of the subject’s screen and the space around it.

Composition is everything when it comes to editing photos. Modern digital cameras have sensors that automatically determine the image’s aspect ratio. Unfortunately, the aspect ratio defined by these devices is unfitting for multiple platforms. So, consider cropping images online using our software to avoid oddly-shaped images.

Effortless image cropping for different marketplaces:

Make your ecommerce imagery fun and easy. At autoRetouch, we offer you the flexibility to customize cropping dimensions for third-party marketplaces aligned to their style specifications in just a few clicks. Our tool makes it easy to create images into something unique for different marketplaces. For best results, use images with solid backdrops and minimal details.

When should you crop images online?

While cropping helps remove the unwanted elements from your photos, it also comes in handy in the following scenarios:

Social Media Post:

Each social media platform has its preferred dimensions, and what looks excellent on Twitter might translate poorly on Instagram. With all these different size directives, preparing your images to a particular ratio requires a crop before resizing. And autoRetouch lets you crop images online automatically without breaking the bank.

Product photos for e-commerce:

Do you sell your products on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy? Or do you advertise rental properties on Airbnb or VRBO listings? Whatever the platform, you need those images to be crisp and clear.

Just like social media photos, you will want to crop images before the resizing. Otherwise, the photographs might appear too stretched on a large screen. Cropping is a simple process that helps you produce appropriate photos for each platform. The good news is that the AI-driven autoRetouch lets you process images in batches, and you can crop as many as 100 pictures in just a few taps.

Cropping for composition:

There is an applicable law regarding the composition of a picture called the rule of thirds. Images cropped according to the rule of thirds are more exciting and add more dynamism to the page. With portraits, it’s the eyes that should be lined with the grid lines. So, cropping images online is a reasonably safe option to ensure a pleasing composition.

In Conclusion:

Stop when you are tempted to snap a picture and use it for your website. Think about how it can be cropped to complement the message and emphasize an exciting point. And if you need to learn how to crop images online without hammering away, why not give autoRetouch a spin? It’s fast, automatic, and lets you edit 100 photos in one click.