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Marketing Automation Tools to Kickstart Your SaaS Business

Marketing Automation Tools to Kickstart Your SaaS Business

Have you ever wondered how there is an automation tool for almost everything? You name the task and boom! Millions of companies will step forward to guarantee well-rounded services for nearly all your operations. It’s no different for the Saas industry. A SaaS company that needs to supercharge growth must lay its hands on marketing automation tools to improve its ROI.

But here’s the catch! With so many marketing automation tools in the market, how do you pick the best ones for your business? This guide will explore some game-changing SaaS marketing automation tools recommended by SaaS experts.

But first, some basics!

Why Should SaaS Companies Use Marketing Automation Tools?

The premise of marketing automation tools is that you can increase your output and ROI by automating some activities. The best part is that SaaS tools are inexpensive solutions to automate your business, which means you can reduce expenses like manpower as the tools will automate them within a budget.

Since the tools supervise your engagement and monitor your analytics, you can employ the appropriate protocols to best fit your business. Because SaaS tools can be customized according to your work structure, you can avoid investing in expensive software that often has features you don’t need to run your company. But don’t take our word for it.

Here are some stats to prove marketing automation tools are the real deal:

  • Marketing automation tools reduced marketing overheard by 12%.
  •  45% of the respondents admitted the most significant advantage of marketing automation was improved efficiency and ROI.
  • Lead quantity rises by 80% for those implementing automation.
  • 44% of businesses that used marketing automation do see a return within 6 months.

The Best Marketing Automation Tools to Grow Your SaaS Business:

Tools for Branding:

Your company needs appealing visuals to grab the attention of the prying eyes. These tools will let you enjoy that without the help of professional designers:

1.    Pixelixe– Social Media Visuals:

Competing in the SaaS space requires strong branding, which pins to being active on social media platforms. Generating a myriad of visuals for this purpose can be tiring and expensive. And seeking help from professionals feels like breaking the banks. But, Pixelixe automates the process for you and builds different variants for your social media posts. All you need to do is incorporate the API and let the software auto-generate visuals for you in one click.

2.    autoRetouch– Background Remover & Photo Editor:

It’s no secret most online platforms have specific requirements for images. Pictures must be polished for uniformity and visual appeal. One of the requirements that these marketplaces require is white background. And autoRetouch can remove the backdrop of your images and place it against a new setting in just a few seconds through its AI-powered algorithms. The best part is the tool allows you to bulk edit 100 images at once and massively cuts the processing time from days to minutes.

Aside from background removal, the tool also features components like:

·    Skin retouching

·    Ghost mannequin effect

·    Resizing and compression

·    Fix portrait exposure

·    Add natural and ground shadows

·    Extract fabric swatch

All the services are automated and can be tied up in a single workflow.

3.    Drawtify– Logo Maker:

Did you know you can automatically create exclusive graphics for your company without the help of professional animators? Drawtify lets you design your own logos and build stunning visuals for your marketing needs. The software also features infographic templates for the most catchy but detailed presentations.

Tools for Email Marketing and Automation:

1.    Constant Contact– A/B Testing:

Constant Contact efficiently empowers you to manage your email lists, contacts, templates, marketing calendar, etc. You can also access unlimited emails, tracking, reporting, and scheduling via one account. Besides, plus accounts have powerful features like drip campaigns, email automation, polls, surveys, and subject line A/B testing. These features can help you to send targeted emails and maximize open rates.

2.    HubSpot– Email Automation:

HubSpot is one of the most notable software for email marketing and CRM. The email marketing service is free and is equipped with powerful automation features. Use the drag-and-drop email builder and customized templates to create newsletters according to your brand personality. Because of the native integration in this software, you can personalize the emails for each subscriber based on country, membership, time, device, or any other custom information. Overall, HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing tool for CRM automation workflows, website builders, deep analytics, drip campaigns, and many more.

Tools for Marketing Research:

1.    SEMrush– Digital Marketing:

SEMrush is undoubtedly the true powerhouse of marketing research, and this marketing automation tool covers almost all the strategies for SaaS companies. It supports a whole range of functionalities for SEO and features tools built for researching, evaluating, content marketing, market research, PPC ads, and more.

2.    Ahrefs– SEO Marketing:

Ahrefs is by far the first choice for SEO brands. The tool is really comprehensive with features like keyword research, website traffic evaluation, competitor analysis, site audit, and researching content ideas. You can also use the software to rank higher in the SERPs.

Tools for Lead Generation:

1.    BuiltWith– Intelligent Outreach:

BuiltWith isn’t your typical lead generation platform. Instead of scouting the internet for prospect information, this tool authorizes the user to access a database of millions of websites and information on your prospects’ technologies. Integrating the marketing automation tool into your strategy helps discover leads that require your services.

2.    Hunter– Email Listing:

Hunter allows users to discover the professional email addresses of anyone who might be interested in your service. You can search emails by domain or verify emails for specific leads to build targeted outreach lists. The software lets you send emails to the right people at the right time.

Tools for Social Media Automation:

1.    HootSuite– Media Scheduler:

Gone are the days of using flyers for brand promotion. Marketing automation tools like Hootsuite let you easily handle bizarre social media marketing. What we love about the software is that it allows users to schedule posts across different social media platforms. The tools also feature perks like publishing, sharing, and monitoring the performance of our social media campaigns. Moreover, it will keep track of the brand’s analytics without having to constantly sign in.

Tools for And Management:

1.    Wordstream– Ad Optimization:

Your SaaS company requires you to constantly launch ads to make your business grow. WordStream can manage all your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads from one platform. You can also use the software to track the performance of the ads and find the scope for improvement. Optimizing your ads for the internet can convert clicks into conversions.

Bottom Line:

At their core, all marketing automation tools push your SaaS company to new lengths. But before you automate, you must prioritize which aspects of the business you want to automate. Owning the right tools will let you develop a robust strategy and deliver optimum results.