Meet the Team

Hello World! We’re the team behind autoRetouch, and we’re on a quest to define a new software category: end-to-end, automated image processing. Currently we specialize in automated bulk-processing for Fashion product images.

As we embark on this journey, we’ve defined the following cultural pillars & associated values to guide us.

Team Focus


We believe in a technology-focused culture and drive our business with a technology-centric perspective.  


We believe in creating an environment where diversity of thought, gender, and race thrives and hire accordingly


We believe that no one can or should know everything and thus in lifelong learning. Each employee brings unique talents to the team.


We believe in the dynamic nature of the world. As such, we aim to create a culture that’s strong yet flexible enough to succeed in an ever-changing technology & business environment.



We believe that growth is fuelled by solving customer problems at scale and aim for an even balance between feature value and accessibility.


We believe that avoiding friction is the key to customer success. See our pricing, for a quick and easy example of what we mean. 


We believe that the voice of our customers is crucial to help us build the best possible platform. Thank you in advance for your feedback.


We believe that a technology ecosystem around autoRetouch is key for the long-term value creation for our customers. Hence, we’re keen to join forces with partners to innovate alongside us.

Additionally, we believe that innovation can and should be brought into harmony with environmental impact.

Hence we strive for a balance between our technology approach and our ecological footprint.

Technology Approach

We build AI-powered software. This means we invest in R&D continuously-This means developing software with the customer in mind, not being afraid to fail, and encouraging experiments to achieve technological breakthroughs. This means working in an agile way and doing the right thing at the right time. This means, above all, working as a team. Within the company, within the community, and with the customers we serve.

Ecological Footprint

AI is a resource-intensive technology. Acknowledging we only have one planet, we are committed to always be a carbon-neutral company. All our data centers run on renewable energy, and we aim to only use electricity in our office which is 100% renewable. For the additional carbon footprint, we aim to compensate via certificates sponsoring carbon-negative projects.

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