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Add natural shadows

Create customisable artificial, natural-looking shadows for your model images

The Natural Shadow component helps you add depth to your model images while removing the original background by creating a custom shadow based on the original shape of the model. Using multiple flash settings, you can easily create shadows automatically according to your own taste and preferences.

Light Source Direction

Determine in which direction the shadow should be casted by setting the direction of the light source.

Light Source Elevation

Easily adjust the elevation of the light source to adjust the length of the shadows.

Shadow Diffusion

Whether you want a hard or soft edge, you can adjust the shade diffusion to your taste.

Shadow Intensity

Set the shadow intensity, ranging from a dark black shadow to a very soft and transparent tone.

inside the ai

The Natural Shadow algorithm creates a 3D model based on the 2D image of the model. This allows adding an artificial light source and calculating the properties of the shadow based on the settings of the light source.


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