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Adjust padding & Alignment

Define the padding by pixel and align the object to match your style.

padding adjustment on image

Adjust paddings

Easily define the padding between the main figure in your images and the edge of the canvas.

adjust padding alignment for commerce images

unify your product images

This tool will help you make your marketplace even more attractive with a uniform padding on every image, regardless of differences in product size.

ensure consistent composition

You can use this tool to fix errors when a format change is needed. This will help to maintain the intended composition of your image with various sizes and aspect ratios.

image align tool

Align object on a canvas

With this feature, you can freely determine the position of a figure in the canvas space after it has been separated from an original background. The figure can be re-positioned both along the horizontal and vertical axis in the image.

adjust padding and alignment

custom alignment

Ensure a perfectly centered image or add your own style with horizontal and vertical alignment.

object-position: right - bottom

object-position: center - bottom

object-position: left - bottom

object-position: right - center

object-position: center - center

object-position: left - center

object-position: right - top

object-position: center - top

object-position: left - top

Combine this with other ai tools in bulk