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Crop images

Customizable, automatic image cropping makes it a breeze to focus on the important parts of your fashion, portrait, or product images.

Bring your photos into focus

Effortlessly build a consistent look across your e-commerce store or catalog and highlight your products by cropping model images in bulk. Create portraits in a flash by automatically cropping photo studio images.

autoretouch crop images multiple cropping points

Select multiple cropping points

Choose from a wide range of cropping points like the nose, neck, waist, knees, and more.

Aspect ratio

Set a custom aspect ratio for your cropped images or keep the original.
Note that the algorithm does not stretch the provided images, so setting an aspect ratio is recommended to avoid oddly-shaped images.

autoretouch crop images aspect ratio
autoretouch crop images marketplace guidelines

Adapt to marketplace guidelines

Create custom cropping workflows for third-party marketplaces to better align with their style guides and ensure that your products look amazing everywhere.

inside the ai

The Cropping Algorithm identifies the model in your image and specific key points like the nose, neck, waist, and knees. For best results, use images with a solid background with minimal details.


Frequently asked questions

You can choose from the following:

  • No crop
  • Above object boundary
  • At object boundary
  • Above nose
  • Below nose
  • At neck
  • At shoulders
  • At waist
  • At hips
  • At wrist
  • Above knees
  • At knees
  • At mid-calf
  • At ankles

You can choose up to two cropping points per workflow.

The algorithm detects multiple key points on the face and can work with models wearing sunglasses. However, sunglasses may cause some issues recognizing the right points in the face.

You can use the cropping algorithm on any kind of image, but it works best for model images with the model facing the camera.

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Learn how to use this component as best you can to get the perfect results for your images.

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