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Export vector paths

Extracts the subject from your imagery with automatically generated clipping paths.

Vector paths (aka clipping paths, cutouts, or deep etch) are a fundamental aspect of fashion and eCommerce image editing, making the entire post-production process smoother and faster. They are typically created manually by building a shape around the subject of the image.

automate deep etch

Fully automatic vector creation

While autoRetouch offers high-quality and automated background removal, we recognize that the vector path can be just as valuable itself. Therefore we provide an option to include an automatically generated clipping path in your JPEG, PSD, and TIFF files.

unlimited options for post production

Retouch and restore, correct color, use for masking, remove distractions, all with the tedious work of selecting the outline completed for you.

clipping paths

Simple to complex cut outs at only €0.10 each

vector paths editor app

Simple fashion vector path

vector path processing

Medium fashion vector path

top photo editing softwares

Simple product vector path

export vector path

Medium product vector path

Combine this with other ai tools in bulk