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Ghost mannequin

AI-powered ghost mannequin images.

Tops and bottoms and outerwear... oh my!

Back in 2019, we began developing a way to fully automate the ghost mannequin editing process for our clients and began by focusing on pants and shorts. Now, we are excited to announce that our model has expanded to work with tops, outerwear, dresses, and even underwear!


Fully automated


allow your clothing products to retain their shape


making product photos look more professional

Ghost mannequin effect: explained

In the fashion world, a ghost mannequin (aka neck-joint, invisible mannequin, or hollow-man) is the name for an image editing technique that creates the illusion of a human body filling clothes. Until now, it’s been a purely manual, multi-step, and costly editing process:

Tips for best results:

Our AI is still young and continuously improving.
To get the best possible results, follow these guidelines:

inaccuracy that can affect the result

Is this exactly what you need?

Within autoRetouch, you can combine this tool with others that suit you and get the best result for your product images.