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Skin retouch

Remove blemishes and achieve beautiful and natural skin on all skin types. No tools, plugins, or photoshop skills required.

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smart Mole removal

If desired, dark brown moles are identified and removed from the skin of the human model. Freckles and tattoos are not removed.

auto airbrushing

When selected, the airbrush option will apply a high-pass and gaussian blur over the skin portions of the image at a custom range of intensity. This creates a smooth and natural finish to the skin.

best app for skin retouching

inside the ai

The Skin Retouch Algorithm automatically segments the areas of an image that are identified as human skin and only applies the retouching in those areas. It understands what are moles vs. freckles, and will only remove moles. For extra customization, there are options to add an airbrush finish and to leave moles if desired.

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for all skin types

Our machine learning models have been trained on a diverse skin data set with a range of ethnicities, ages, and body parts to ensure a beautiful outcome for all skin types.

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Skin vector path

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