Save time & money by optimizing your retouching process with AI.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to remove the background, apply drop shadows, or retouch skin on Fashion product images in bulk, look no further.

Currently, it takes hours, days, or weeks from a photoshoot until product images are ready to be used online.


For the most part, the current technology of editing product images at scale is still tailored for strictly manual work, highly repetitive, and as such inefficient and costly for everyone involved in the process.

This paradigm changes with autoRetouch.

How does it work?

Within autoRetouch, you define workflows in order to automatically retouch product images in bulk. In a workflow, you chain up automated components to create an end-to-end processing sequence.

When you run a workflow, each component automatically performs editing steps like background removal, skin retouch, drop shadows, master canvas, and more on your images – all while you retain full creative control.

Depending on the type of Fashion product image you want to process, you create specific workflows. To create a workflow, you chain up components that automate certain image editing steps (e.g. background removal, skin retouch, drop shadows) and you also define an export file format. You may also validate and preview the image processing results that a workflow will produce during this initial configuration.

Once you’re sure that a workflow configuration will produce good results, you can save it for later or directly move on to run your workflow to bulk-process up to 100 Fashion product images simultaneously.

After the system has processed your product images, simply download them.

If you want to apply the finishing touches manually, or further refine our automatically processed images: No problem. By choosing the PSD output option in our Export component as part of your workflow, you can choose to receive PSD files from our system for further editing in the photo-editing tool of your choice.

Sounds good. What does it cost?
€0.10 per image. That’s it!

(Yes, that’s not a typo.)

Get to know our automated components

The remove background component automatically removes the background of a Fashion product image. We offer automated background removal methods for images that feature an apparel product and a human model and for ghost mannequin images.

The set on canvas component allows you to define a master canvas with various features for your Fashion product images.

The add ground shadows component allows you to automatically apply a non-invasive shadow under a human models’ feet or shoes.

The skin retouch component allows you to automatically optimize skin in Fashion product images that feature a human model. The component detects skin and enables automatic airbrushing and mole removal on it.

The color palette component allows you to automatically determine the top colors within an image. It doesn’t manipulate the original image in any way, it just extracts helpful data for you.

The extract patch component allows you to automatically detect and extract a representative patch of pattern/color in Fashion product images.

The export component, allows you to define the format and other file attributes for the output files that autoRetouch produces within your workflow. File types include PNG, JPEG and PSD including layer masks.

The edit filename component allows you to specify a pre-, or suffix that will be applied automatically to all files processed with a workflow.

The crop face component allows you to easily and naturally crop a human model’s face into a half-face model shot


If you have questions, take a look at our documentation and learn how autoRetouch works.​ More…


We made our pricing napkin-calculation-friendly. You pay €0.10 + VAT to run a workflow to process an image. More…

Developer Program

We’ve designed autoRetouch as an open system. Bring your creativity to life within our platform.​ More…

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