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Profile Picture Edit

Clubhouse profile picture editing is taking up a considerable amount of people’s time due to the popularity of the newly launched social app. Unlike Instagram or Tik Tok where editing profile pictures and glamorizing everyday living is the norm, Clubhouse is all about conversation and what you can bring to the proverbial table in the form of thought-leadership-oriented discussions. The platform is an invitation-only, iPhone exclusive, audio-based social media app with plans to expand to Android later this year. 

Clubhouse is a series of chatrooms across varying topics such as culture, art, technology, gaming, marketing and more. Chatrooms can be large and public, with a couple thousand attendees. This is especially true when celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mark Zuckerberg or Van Jones  join a conversation or chatroom as they are referred to on the platform. Conversely, Clubhouse chatrooms can also be privately held and intimate where friends, colleagues and your extended network can hold private invite-only conversations. So why are the millions of Clubhouse registered users looking for a headshot photo editor option so frequently if the app is all about audio vs. visual connection? 

It is a best practice to change your headshot frequently and adjust for the different chatrooms that you will be attending. This is the equivalent to “dressing for the occasion” or the “part”. For this reason, we’ve outlined the key components needed to level up your digital appearance in a convenient way.

Headshot Photo Editor

  1. Remove background imagery that is distracting and takes away from your headshot image 
  2. Skin retouch while retaining a natural look and applying airbrushing only to specific areas
  3. Set on canvas to manipulate dimensions, color, transparency, padding and profile image placement across all of your social media profiles
  4. Enhance with background removal or with colors that pop
  5. Download in the specs needed and in the file formats convenient for you such as PSD with layered files, JPEG or PNG

Clubhouse Profile Image 101

Unlike TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram, Clubhouse is all about the intellectual property that your image and conversation brings to table. With influencers, industry thought-leaders, celebrities alike mixing with small scale professionals on the platform, your image persona can literally open doors for you. For example, admittance into Clubhouse groups is oftentimes  predicated on what your profile says about you (past work experiences, job title and other Clubhouse memberships, etc.). 

Equally paramount, is your actual headshot photo image and its ability to entice people to click on your profile to follow and/or connect with you. For this reason, perfecting your profile with targeted keywords is crucial. Just as important is updating your positioning statement by changing your top three profile bio/lines every time you enter a room, depending on each room’s topic and attendee list. 

Similarly, it is a best practice to update your profile headshot several times a week on the platform, especially if the topic conversations vary greatly. It is a way to “dress for the occasion”. For example, your headshot profile picture for a music oriented chatroom may look differently versus when you enter a banking or cryptocurrency specific networking room. There is a lot of opportunity for professional networking on Clubhouse. Hence, tapping a reliable and quick-turn headshot photo editor is key to leveraging those opportunities in real time to meet new people and expand your ‘rolodex’.

Headshot Photo Editor For Social Media

Social media apps like Clubhouse are changing how we communicate, network, do business and live. With more and more people turning to social media apps to meet new people, reach new audiences, do business, and network, your headshot has the potential to literally open doors for you. Staying abreast of these industry trends can be time consuming and tedious. However, with an easy and convenient photo editor for headshots and profile images, you can stay ahead of the curve.

You can update your Clubhouse, LinkedIn, and dating app profile headshot for free on autoRetouch. Try it today and walk away with 10 newly edited headshots.