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How to Remove Background Using autoRetouch's Desktop App

How to Remove Background Using autoRetouch’s App?

Removing the background can be an uphill battle whether you need it for business, marketing, photography, or fun.

Once upon a time, eliminating backdrops from images meant hours of work and patience, not to mention the expensive software and courses it demanded.

Today autoRetouch’s app can do it for you in less time than it takes to read this sentence. The AI-powered component is all you need to get started right off the bat.

The Remove Background component automatically identifies the backdrop of your image and removes it from the most complex photos. And once you’ve got the cut-out, you can put it against any new backdrop and save the file in PNG format to go wild with your creative possibilities.

This guide explores how to remove background using autoRetouch’s app.

But first, let’s explore some basics!

Why remove backgrounds from photos?

Here are the top reasons why you should consider removing backgrounds from photos:

Get rid of the unwanted elements:

No matter how professional your camera is, unwanted elements will be there to ruin your images. These elements become apparent during the post-production stages and grow more noticeable. Most of the time, these tiny little imperfections result in distraction and detract viewers from the original message of the photo. So, background removal is indispensable for your photos.

To sell products on different platforms:

The largest ecommerce platform Amazon requires neutral or white backdrops behind the product, as features pop up against neutral backgrounds, thus, making it easier for the audience to make their purchasing decision. It’s the same for other marketplaces too.

Therefore, removing the background from the stock product photos and replacing them with neutral tones can make the images compliant with different platforms without the need to conduct a photoshoot again.

The coherence of themes:

If you are up for setting up an ecommerce website, then background removal can earn you a consistent theme. Even if you’re hiring professionals to snap your photos, it takes time to maintain a consistent theme for the pictures.

Thus background removal will let you create consistent imagery that you can later use for site development or catalog designing.

Reduction of file sizes:

Smaller file sizes mean higher loading speed, thus giving your website a good search engine ranking position (SERP). Background removal not only cuts down the extra details of your photos but also reduces the size of the image. This gives your website a positive user experience with zero buffering.

Enhance the visual impact:

It’s always better to deliver a positive impression when promoting something. Whether in print or digital, photos have more impact in grabbing attention. Driving the focus toward the focal point always does the trick, and removing backgrounds is a great way to do that.

Set the stage for specials:

Adding up special edits like shadows and reflections require a blank canvas. There are tons of things one can do to improve a photo, and it’s easier to add the effects if we use the remove background component from the software.

How to remove background using autoRetouch’s app?

You have probably heard about our software from multiple sources, but did you know autoRetouch also has a app available for users?

Here’s how you can remove background using autoRetouch’s app from your images in seconds.

Step 1:

Open your browser and enter in the search option. Launch your account, or you can opt for a free demo.

After you’ve signed in, get ready to explore the app’s perks.

Step 2:

autoRetouch is designed under the concept of workflows. You can either tie up various retouching components in a workflow or use a component as a standalone feature.

Drag and drop the components you want, or choose the Remove Background component. Here you can choose an option from:

1.    Select clothing and model

2.    Select only clothing

3.    Select an object

4.    Remove the plain background

5.    Select food

In this stage, you can specify whether you want the file in a JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format.

Step 3:

Save your workflow by tapping on the Save Workflow option and clicking on Run Workflow.

Drag and drop your images on the taskbar to upload your pictures.

Step 4:

After that, autoRetouch gets on generating the pictures for you. Within 5-10 seconds, the software will spawn all the images for you.

Click on the download option for a preview.

And that’s it. This is how the autoRetouch app removes backgrounds from your photos in seconds. Also, did we mention that autoRetouch supports bulk editing too? You can upload 100 images at once, and the software will complete the work in seconds.

A shortcut to Remove Background settings:

Here are the things you may need to switch on while working with the Remove Background component:

Method Selection:

It allows you to outline the type of input image and expected output.

There are five different options:

1.    Select Clothing & Model:

This setting removes the studio background entirely and retains the clothing and model.

2.    Select Only Clothing:

The software is trained to select only clothing from the picture and eliminates the rest.

3.    Remove Plain Background:

This setting removes the generic plain background with just your subject in the foreground. The Remove Background works best if the backdrop is plain.

4.    Select Object:

You can use the setting to remove anything other than apparel and model shots.

5.    Select Food:

The algorithm is trained to select food and eliminate the rest of the elements from the picture.

Smooth Edges:

By selecting this option, the system will automatically smoothen the visual shift between the foreground and background of a graphic.

If you need a binary backdrop removal, toggle the switch off.

Vector Paths:

If you’d like to generate vector paths of the photos, expand the settings box labeled Vector Path and select Create Vector Path.

In Conclusion:

Better images convert customers and create a positive brand experience. Whether photographers deal with hundreds of photos a day or individuals looking to promote their brand, removing background is the only way. Yes, eliminating backgrounds manually is bromidic. So, choose the autoRetouch app and start removing the backdrop from the get-go.