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Is Removing Background from Pictures Still Relevant

Is Removing Background from Pictures Still Relevant?

What’s in the picture? Well, more than you might think! Whether you are selling clothes, website design, or just about anything online, your image quality is crucial for sales. While you need professionally taken and retouched photos to achieve this, sometimes your imagery game might need more. In some instances, removing backgrounds from pictures is all you need to tell a good visual story. Yes, you captured them with a good camera. But as you dive further into the snaps, the little imperfections detract your audience from the focus. So, if you think whether removing background from pictures is still relevant in the age of high-end cameras – the answer is affirmative.

What is Background Removal from Photos?

Removing backgrounds from pictures is one of the most frequently used features of photo editing. After all, humans are visual creatures, and they process images faster than anything.

You’ve probably heard about background removal a million times. It is a process where the photo’s subject is separated from the backdrop. The idea is to remove any possible imperfections or distractions from the snaps. Additionally, the approach facilitates bringing the entire focus toward the object.

In the past, removing backgrounds from photos was a task assigned to an experienced editor who employed expensive software to get the work done. Thankfully, times have changed. Today, there are millions of software out there to remove backgrounds in a breeze. From a simple headshot for your passport photos to e-commerce product photography, AI-powered background removal tools like autoRetouch have got you covered.

Why is Removing Backgrounds from Photos Still Relevant?

Sometimes it might be obvious why you would want to remove backgrounds from perfectly snapped photos. The speck of dust, the harsh glow of light, the lights in the back… Other times, there might be cases you still haven’t considered.

So here are some of the reasons to remove background from photos:

Eliminate imperfections:

Even if you’ve snapped your photos against a specially designed backdrop, you might still need to obtain satisfactory results. Why? Because imagery is complex. For instance, destroying that pristine white backdrop only takes an accidental footprint. And if you aim for perfection, these problems are highly bugging and fail to delight the eyes. So, eliminate any unnecessary elements from the photos if you want to bless your audience with vivid visuals.

Convey the message:

While images are known to convey information in a short time, the visuals you use directly impact how the data is gathered. When using images, it’s better to place the subject at the focal point to grab the visitor’s attention. By eliminating busy backgrounds from the photos, your pieces will likely have more impact.

You also might want to use the images for a particular purpose. Suppose you have a formal photo prepped for your resume. But that’s your dog hanging out in the back, and it might not be a great picture to explain who’s behind the resume’s roles and responsibilities. In this case, removing the background from the image and replacing it with a neutral setting becomes a better option.

Create high-quality product photos:

Ecommerce websites demand high-quality visuals, and having subpar images on the website is disappointing. Unless you don’t want your audience to quickly cross out your site tab, focus on getting suitable photos. Since background removal services add a stunning appearance to the images, why not use it as a medium to generate lucrative visuals? In this way, you can make your photo look authentic and relevant. Besides, research reveals that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. This undoubtedly shows images have a lasting impression. So, instead of writing captivating product descriptions, work on creating exceptional imagery.

Repurposing the imagery:

Removing backgrounds from photos might help sellers to repurpose their imagery across multiple platforms. For instance, you want to sell beachwear on Amazon. However, you have the images snapped against beachy backdrops with the sand, sun, waves, etc. But, selling items on Amazon clearly requires photos with white or neutral settings. The solution? Remove the backdrop using a background removal tool, and paint it white using a background customization tool. Your ability to tweak images for any selling platform is invaluable for your business.

Highlight the desired regions:

The focal point of an image depends upon its composition. Sometimes, the subject might lose its charm due to the number of elements in the background. The picture may turn out great. But, it may only favor your business if your audience understands the concept of your imagery. Hence, background removal becomes au fait to highlight the main points of your images.

Set the stage for specials:

Sometimes, your snaps might require extra glam with reflections and shadows. However, the first step for putting these special effects to work is removing backgrounds from the images. Once you’ve eliminated the backdrops, use AI-driven software or Photoshop to add shadows to add extra depth.

Promote your business:

For any ecommerce business to thrive, sellers must equip their landing pages with excellent visuals to reach their customers, and it shows that the images we display must be clear and high-quality. On the other hand, fuzzy images will not grab the attention; thereby, it becomes vital for the store to have professional photos on their websites. By removing backgrounds, you are one step ahead of achieving images like that of Zara or eBay.

In Conclusion:

A shoddy photo of the product makes the item less attractive and less appealing. Although removing backgrounds from images may seem like a tiny detail, it creates all the difference you need to have impressive visuals. So, if you think whether backdrop removal is still relevant in the age of quality cameras, we hope you have your answer!Psst. Need to know which tools work the best for background removal? Well, go on! Try the AI-driven autoRetouch to eliminate the messy backdrops from your image in a cinch.