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Component: Remove Background

The Remove Background component removes the background of any number of similar fashion or product images.

This article will dive into the options you have within this component and some things to keep in mind while using it.

Please note:

  • Remove Background is currently delivering the best results on fashion product images where a product is worn by a human model & with images where the clothing is presented on a mannequin or standalone.
  • PNG Input with already transparent background, currently result in a bad clipping of the object or model.


Remove Background Settings

  • Method Selection: allows you to define the type of input image and expected output
  • Smooth Edges: smooth the edges of the remaining object
  • Vector Paths: choose to include vector paths for the outline of the remaining object

Method SelectioN

There are 5 different options for how to remove the background:

Select clothing & model

Select clothing & model removes the studio background entirely and captures the figure, in this case, both the human model as well as the clothing.

Select only clothing

Select clothing is trained to select only clothing, particularly on mannequins, but also on when worn or held by humans. It’s perfectly suited to help create ghost mannequin images.

Remove plain background

Remove plain background roughly removes a generic plain background where a model with a product, or just a product, is in the foreground. The background removal works best if the background is plain, preferably just a plain white.

You can use this setting in combination with the Set on Canvas component to quickly re-align already processed Fashion product imagery for example to achieve corporate identity consistency across your online shop or experiment with new background colors.

Select Object

This can be used for anything other than apparel and model shots.

Select Food

The select food algorithm is trained to pick up only food.

Smooth Edges

By selecting the smooth edges component setting, the system will automatically smoothen the visual transition between the foreground and background of a Fashion product image for you. If you need a binary background removal, simply toggle the switch off.

Vector Paths

If you would like to include a vector path of the outline of the object, expand the settings box labelled “vector paths” and select “create vector path.”

Please note, as the default export type is PNG, you must include the “export” component to download vector paths. There are 3 file types that support them: JPEG, TIFF and PSD.