Make your product images pop with shadow background

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How Can You Achieve Realistic Shadow Backgrounds?

Types Of Shadows You May Employ to Enhance Your Photographs

Applications For Adding Shadow To Your Product Picture


Simple, subtle details like the expert use of shadow background may boost your product photographs from amateur to professional.

Customers will feel more comfortable investing their time and money with you if you invest time in product photography and post-production.

Professional product photos do not need a large budget or a large staff; all that is required is a strong desire and attention to detail.

We’ll teach you how to set yourself apart from your rival by adding shadow background to your product photographs.

Most product photographers consider shadows to be a nuisance, and shadows may conceal a lovely object and make product photography seem amateurish. However, there is a distinction between shadows on a product and those projected by a product.

Shadows may be used to your advantage when editing product images.

How Can You Achieve Realistic Shadow Backgrounds?

Realistic shadows cast by your goods may give them depth and make them stand out. They are a visual ecommerce picture enhancer that adds to the goods without becoming distracting.To obtain realistic shadows, you may utilize natural light or add shadows afterward in Photoshop, but there are two immutable rules:

  • Your shadows must be realistic.
  • Consistency is essential. Use the same sort of shadow on all of your product photographs in the same category.

Realistic shadows put the spotlight on your merchandise. Using the same style of shadow offers a clean and professional look on your product and category pages.

Types Of Shadows You May Employ to Enhance Your Photographs.

There are several sorts of shadows, but we’ll concentrate on three that are extremely popular and effective:

  • Natural shadow.
  • Reflection shadow.
  • Drop shadow.

Which one is best for you? That depends on your goods and your photographic equipment.

Natural Shadow

Nothing looks more realistic than your product’s “natural shadow.” Capturing natural shadows throughout the photography process is nearly always preferable, but it’s easier said than done for many items.

The design of your object and the difficulty of adequately lighting it may prohibit you from recording a perfect natural shadow, but one may still be applied in post-production.

Natural shadow works wonderfully with footwear photography. With a bit of forethought and a few minutes in Photoshop, you can create an authentic natural shadow that makes your footwear product appear professional online.

Using a light source while photographing the object is the greatest approach to getting natural-looking shadows. Make sure the light source, whether natural or artificial, is positioned to the side of your subject. This allows it to throw a shadow at an angle from your goods, giving it a more three-dimensional appearance. Photographing your object on a white backdrop will help provide the shadow with more depth.

Because your shadow already exists when you employ natural shadows, post-production effort is minimal. If you are unable to generate a natural shadow using lighting methods, you may make one in post-production.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadow gives your goods the appearance of being shot on a reflecting surface, such as a mirror. It may make your product photographs more aesthetically attractive and provide a feeling of atmosphere so they don’t seem to be floating in space.Reflection shadows may be rather dramatic, which can help your product stand out from the crowd in multi-channel scenarios. It works exceptionally well with items offered in shops that have bright lighting and reflecting surfaces, such as jewelry and sunglasses.When shooting reflective objects such as sunglasses, it is critical to understand how to shape and manage light to remove reflections and other distracting elements such as light spots. Reflection shadows are eye-catching, yet they aren’t challenging to create.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadows resemble direct sunshine from above and are popular and practical with a broad range of items.Drop shadow, like natural shadow and reflection shadow, will restrict your object from floating on a plain backdrop. It’s a subtle effect that provides a professional touch by adding depth to your goods.

Applications For Adding Shadow To Your Product Picture


AI-powered solutions such as AutoRetouch may save you time while producing outstanding results. The Natural Shadow component in AutoRetouch enables you to apply realistic shadow background to your images by developing a bespoke shadow depending on the structure of your subject. The AI underlying this program has been taught to create a 3D model from a 2D picture, and so produce the right location and depth of shadows.


Canva is another program that may help you apply shadow to a product picture. To obtain the desired effect for your product picture, you may change the shadow’s size, transparency, blur, and color. It includes six shadows: glow, drop, angled, curved, page lift, and background. Canva, unlike the original software, does not enable users to handle numerous pictures at once, and you must also pay to remove the backdrop. The excellent thing about Canva is that it has a plethora of picture editing tools and functions that may be employed to get satisfying outcomes.


Pixelied is the first online tool that novices may utilize. You may use this online tool to produce a picture shadow effect that seems more genuine. Furthermore, it does not need any talent to use. Pixelied is a simple but effective tool on which even inexperienced users may depend.


Android and iOS users commonly use this software to eliminate picture backgrounds and make professional product photographs. It has an easy and user-friendly interface that even novices can utilize. Furthermore, this program allows users to alter the background to a solid color or a personalized backdrop. This program also has a shadow tool that you can utilize to make your photographs seem more realistic. Another feature worth highlighting about this program is the ability to remove the background from up to 30 pictures at once.


It’s great to experiment with several types of shadows to discover which one you like, but remember to always utilize the same style of shadow across a product category to make your shadows realistic.Applying a shadow effect should not be complicated; nonetheless, it is advised that the program you select has both background removal and shadow functions. So, if you want to save time and money, go with the best one.

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