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Shopify Best Practices | 7 Easy Steps

Shopify makes it simple and turnkey for digital sellers to create and manage a storefront. With it’s simple design and easy-to-use platform, employing Shopify best practices ensures that your marketplace is set up for success. We’ve highlighted a few key takeaways for ecommerce marketers looking to scale their Shopify business.

Shopify Integration For eCommerce

  1. Simple, eye-catching above-the-fold imagery and call-to-action
  2. Easy web page navigation
  3. Simplified check-out with payment options
  4. High quality product imagery
  5. Search engine optimized content
  6. Showcase product suggestions, featured products and new items
  7. Include store or product reviews, badges and labels

Moreover, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your ecommerce website will either help or hurt your business depending on the customer experience it affords your audience. Exercising Shopify best practices including enhanced product imagery, search optimized content and easy check-out options will make all the difference when it comes to sale conversion rates for your store.

Shopify Integration For Product Photo Enhancement

The good news about the ecom platform is that there are several Shopify integrations available that will help make managing your online marketplace easier. Shopify product photos that are well lit, detailed, and positioned appropriately will help showcase the best elements of your product. Furthermore, uploading and optimizing product imagery needn’t be time consuming with a Shopify integration such as with autoRetouch. In fact, tapping the image photo editing app within the Shopify environment will complement your designs with quick and efficient workflows. autoRetouch’s seamless workflow makes it easy to update product photography, like background removal right within the Shopify platform. 

The Shopify integration with autoRetouch includes three workflows that allow for AI bulk editing with just one click!

Skin + Shadows

Quickly smooths skin imperfections, moles and image shadowing

Transparent BG

Easily removes distracting backgrounds from product images

Remove BG + Align Center

Efficiently removes background and centers product image

Shopify product photos can level up your sales funnel by introducing clickable media that customers want to engage with and ultimately purchase. In the section below we detail how to best employ Shopify best practices in easy steps.

Level up Your Shopify Product Photos & Customer Journey

Simple, eye-catching imagery above the fold

More importantly, you have less than 3 seconds to convince consumers to engage with your website or product page. Ensure that all imagery is beautifully showcased above the fold with a call-to-action clearly visible in the form of a ‘button’ to entice engagement or sale (i.e. add to cart, view more, learn more, download, etc).

Easy web navigation

Include descriptive labels on main navigation that highlight specific product categories. For example instead of “Shoes”, include a more descriptive heading like “Women’s Shoes”.

Pro Tip: Showcase featured products, best sellers and new in stock products on main landing pages and/or product pages. Providing suggestions is a solid way to upsell to users that have already landed in your online store environment.

Simplified check-out with payment options

To drive the point, the online check-out process has the ability to increase sales if done right. For example, the BaymardInstitute has reported a 70% average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate. With that said, optimizing your Shopify check-out experience is crucial to revenue success. Including options that don’t require a log-in for purchase and/or short term payment options. Providing your customers payment and check-out flexibility can translate to more sales for you.

Search engine optimized content

Don’t forget to tap tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to identify volume-rich keywords that make sense for your product and main landing pages. Ensure that the copy on your website is easy to read, concise and resourceful. Employ SEO best practices within product descriptions, headings and alt text. That way, your products and online marketplace are easily discoverable by Google and other pertinent search engines.

Include product reviews and badges

With an increase in product D2C sales post pandemic, it’s imperative for brands to highlight past customer reviews and/or industry badges as necessary. This helps build trust with your online community and can translate into increased sales. Whenever possible, encourage past customers to write a review of their sale. Incentivizing customers with a special promo code or gift helps get more reviews in the pipeline faster. Industry badges such as the “Good Housekeeping Institute” endorsement badge invite new customers to your Shopify marketplace.

In conclusion, launching an online storefront can be easy and efficient if the appropriate workflows are in place. A Shopify integration with an AI driven image editing tool like autoRetouch will support your team with bulk editing features, all within the marketplace environment. Sign up for free today.