How To Launch An Online Business

how to launch an online store

Launching an online business can seem daunting. However, launching an ecommerce business is one of the most profitable things you can do since there is a big push to ecommerce post Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, promoting your online business during key sales time can increase your business revenue potential. With consumers flocking to online stores to research and buy goods online, online businesses have had to quickly pivot toward a direct-to-consumer model (D2C). Moreover, competition in the digital marketplace has also increased exponentially. In fact, emarketer has reported that worldwide ecommerce will approach $5 trillion this year. 

In this post, we highlight how to launch an online business in order to maximize ROI on digital marketplace storefronts like Shopify and Amazon.

Learn How-to-Launch An Online Store in These Easy Steps:

Promote Early & Often

  • Create a marketing calendar that includes promotional content pre launch, during, and post sale period.
  • Tap your customer base with email marketing pre launch. Conversely, tease promotions across social channels. If available, use a paid media budget to further amplify your advertising to select audience types.
  • Call out specific sale items and specials in text copy throughout the campaign including during sale period. For example, “Today I get 30% off home furnishings” or “Tomorrow buy one get one”.
  • Create a sense of urgency, by announcing sale end dates throughout copy rotation.
  • Lastly, create a sort of “encore” promotion announcing a “last call” on special promotion post initial sale date’s end.

How to Launch an eCommerce Business | Marketing Mix

  • Capture the attention of your audience across all owned channels 
  • Channel examples include the following:
    • Email marketing 
    • Social media
    • Owned website banner promotion
    • Influencer initiatives through social media and/or YouTube
    • Paid search
    • Paid social
    • Google Shopping (if applicable)
  • Enhance product photography 
    • A picture is worth a thousand words, and ensuring that product imagery is optimized will support your bottom line incredibly.
    • Shopify product shots should be well lit and free of background distractions. Check out these Ghost Mannequin examples.
    • Employing text overlay on product imagery may entice more people to click on the product page especially within a web banner environment.
    • Use a mix of product photography and lifestyle imagery throughout owned channels like social media.

With online shopping behavior increasing, Shopify business owners are steadily looking for ways to increase ROI. A steady cadence of online promotions ensures that you are providing your customers with content that is value-added and engaging.

Furthermore, having a solid promotional strategy to enhance online sales takes a little bit of practice, patience and research. Promotional content that is clear, concise and includes great product imagery will help increase sales over time. A marketing strategy equipped with pre launch and post promotional elements across key channels will ensure you are reaching your intended audience.

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