A Complete Guide to Creating Attractive YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube Thumbnails

One of the simplest methods to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos is to utilize better thumbnails. With hundreds of films discussing the same subject, a proper thumbnail is the only way to stand out. When searching or browsing on YouTube, your YouTube video thumbnails should provide viewers with a fast overview of your videos and capture their interest. So, let’s look at the top YouTube thumbnail builders for creating your own eye-catching thumbnails.

What Are Video Thumbnails?

A video thumbnail is a still picture that serves as the video’s preview image. It’s similar to a book cover, and in that sense, it should inspire a prospective viewer to want to see more.

Still, photos gave rise to the phrase “thumbnail.” A thumbnail was a tiny representation of a complete digital picture that could be quickly seen when scrolling through an extensive collection of photographs.

Thumbnails are used by your computer’s operating system as well. The above example shows that the computer displays a reduced version of the original file while accessing this folder of photographs. And, unlike its still-image forefather, a video thumbnail should give viewers a notion of what they will see if they choose to watch.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, so in that sense, book publishers wouldn’t go to such lengths and cost to make book covers appear as appealing as they do. The same holds true for your video thumbnail.

Why Are YouTube Thumbnails Important For Traffic?

Your YouTube Thumbnail Should Catch People’s Attention.

Viewers will glance at your thumbnail before they look at the title of your videos since YouTube is a visual site where people watch videos. You should attempt to make the thumbnail identifiable by the audience; therefore, it should be aesthetically connected to your content.

Maintain A Consistent Aesthetic Across All Thumbnails For A YouTube Channel.

Visual marketing relies heavily on branding. And to create a strong brand image in your readers’ eyes, your material must be consistent.

If you are consistent in developing thumbnails for your channel, your visitors will be able to distinguish your videos, increasing your committed audience readily. Use an exact theme or design to create uniformity throughout your channel. It will aid in strengthening your relationship with your audience and increase the number of faithful viewers and your rankings. Furthermore, it will make it simple for visitors to find your films.

The Thumbnail Size For YouTube Is 1280 X 720. Create Full-Sized, Appealing Thumbnails.

Your YouTube thumbnail should be in full resolution. Make them in the correct size. If your thumbnail does not meet the standards, it may not appear correctly and may be fuzzy. Take into account the measurements and determine how you may best use that area. 1280*720 is the ideal YouTube resolution.

The color and contrast of the thumbnail come after the size, and you should make something that distinguishes itself from the herd. Using dark colors on a light backdrop creates a great contrast, making your thumbnail appealing and eye-catching.

Examine Your Thumbnail On All Of Your Devices.

When you generate a thumbnail, it may seem nice on your laptop, but viewing it on another device, such as a television or mobile phone, may appear hazy or blurry. As a result, it is critical that you double-check your thumbnail after upgrading it on YouTube. Keep in mind all of the devices on which your films may be viewed since you never know what gadget the viewer uses. Pay close attention to cell phones. That is where the majority of YouTube traffic is now coming from.

Text Can Be Placed On Your Thumbnails.

Our studies show that thumbnails containing text and numbers get more hits than thumbnails with mere photos. This is due to the human brain’s propensity to halt and read when it comes across a text. Take advantage of this.

Images Other Than Screengrabs From Your Video May Be Used For Your Thumbnail.

Don’t put up thumbnails if your video doesn’t contain any shots that are worth it. Instead, create a unique graphic using the picture of your choice. That’s perfectly legal on YouTube, and if it helps you gain more traffic, go ahead and do it.

Methods To Make Your Thumbnail Pop

Make Use Of Color.

Color can make or break an outfit, and a splash of color might help even thumbnails with a black or grey backdrop. Color is used to capture your attention in all of the instances above.

Use Close-Ups Of People’s Faces.

Each of these depicts a person’s face. Even the one with a cartoon character clearly exposes the face. And all of the expressions are plainly emotional. You want your subject’s face to seem humble and exciting.

Use Large, Clear Text.

You want everybody who sees your video thumbnail to understand what it’s about right away. Don’t make them go looking for the title.

Maintain Consistency.

This is particularly true when attempting to expand a channel. Use consistent colors or themes in your thumbnails so that viewers recognize yours, no matter how many other videos show up in the search results.

Software For Creating Attractive Thumbnails For Your YouTube Videos

There are several web-based programs for creating thumbnails for YouTube. However, we’d like to introduce you to AutoRetouch, a one-of-a-kind program that utilizes AI to make adjustments. AutoRetouch is an online picture editing program with a suite of AI-powered editing tools that operate in your browser and through API. Many people may wonder, “Why AutoRetouch?” Instead, why not? To address this, consider the following advantages of utilizing AutoRetouch:

  • The UI is simple to use.
  • AI-assisted tools for precise editing
  • Option for bulk editing
  • It operates online; therefore, there is no need to download any software.
  • It takes around 5 seconds to process and retouch a photograph completely.

Some of AutoRetouch’s AI features for creating thumbnails:

  • Remove Background.
  • Skin retouch.
  • Export PSD file.
  • Resize images.
  • Add a custom Background.
  • Automatic image cropping.

If you’ve read thus far, it’s fair to assume that AutoRetouch is an excellent tool for creating YouTube thumbnails. If you are still unsure, you may go to the AutoRetouchs website and check it out for free.


Your thumbnail is a vital component of overall SEO. You may rank high in search results, but your efforts will be for none if you don’t receive clicks. Make sure you get them correct. Make eye-catching thumbnails that will attract more people to your videos.