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The AI-powered image editing platform that works for you.

All of your fashion images retouched in minutes.


faster than manual editing.


per image. Literally.


at hand at any moment you need.

Save time & money with automation.

Our growing library of smart components takes on the redundant & repetitive tasks, giving you time and freedom to focus on what matters.

Create custom workflows & 
drop in images.

Configure your desired results, drop in unlimited images, and download them fully retouched and ready for use.

Process thousands of images at once via API.

Continue editing seamlessly in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Maintain full creative control of your images by exporting them as multi-layered .psd files, complete with alpha masks.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do:


Create the Ghost Mannequin Effect faster than ever. Just drop in the images you want to be combined and boom, done.


Export any image as a .psd file and continue editing where you need to. All of your edits in separate layers. It doesn’t get better.


Easily tune apparel product images to meet the specifications of any online marketplace. Save it to use again and again.


Drop in raw apparel product images directly after the photoshoot and generate e-commerce ready results in minutes.


Quickly extract color and fabric patches to upload directly to your website or e-commerce platform.

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No shackles

No subscriptions, or cancellations. Use as needed.

Faster than your coffee break

Let us know what you do with all the time you save.

Our AI is a beast

Define your results once. Then sit back, relax, and let our AI do the heavy lifting.

Really simple pricing

Only 10 cents per processed image. That’s it.

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