Image editing that works like magic.

Edit hundreds of images automatically. Easily export PSD files.

Edit your product images up to 90% faster.

Speed up the post-production for apparel & clothing product images with automated workflows. Simply let AI-powered components do the heavy lifting of the retouching work for you, while you retain full creative control. Bulk-process up to 100 images per workflow in our web application in just a few minutes or thousands of images via our API.

Interested in a more detailed tutorial? Take a look at our How to use autoRetouch video here.

How does it work?

With autoRetouch, you simply define workflows in order to automatically retouch product images in bulk. In a workflow, you chain up automated image editing components to create an end-to-end processing sequence for hundreds of images that helps you be more efficient.

Why use automation?

It’s fast.

Chain up various image processing components in workflows. Bulk-process up to 100 product images per workflow in minutes instead of hours.

It’s cheap.

Create as many workflows as you need and pay only €0.10 +VAT per processed image. Use up to 6 automated components in any given workflow.

It’s reliable.

Let our software do the heavy lifting, while you retain creative control. Process your product images reliably 365 days per year, 24/7.

Explore workflow examples.

Retouching apparel & clothing product images manually is a lot of work. Getting the heavy lifting done by bulk-processing them with our AI workflows is not.

All-in-one apparel workflow

Ghost mannequin workflow

Extract patch workflow

Marketplace adjustments workflow

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Ready for a paradigm shift?
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