Retouch fashion product images with AI.

Process hundreds of images automatically. Only €0.10 per image.

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Change your paradigm from manual image editing to automated image processing.

Speed up the post-production for apparel & clothing product images with automated workflows. Simply let AI-powered components do the retouching work for you. Bulk-process up to 100 images per workflow at once in just a few minutes.

Interested in a more detailed tutorial? Take a look at our How to use autoRetouch video here.


Optimize your Fashion product image processing operation.

With autoRetouch, you simply define workflows in order to automatically process product images in bulk. In a workflow, you chain up automated image editing components to create an end-to-end processing sequence for hundreds of images.

Depending on the type of Fashion product image you want to process, you create specific workflows. To create a workflow, you chain up components that automate certain image editing steps (e.g. background removal, skin retouch, drop shadows) and you also define an export file format. You may also validate and preview the image processing results that a workflow will produce during this initial configuration.

Once you’re sure that a workflow configuration will produce good results, you can save it for later or directly move on to run your workflow to bulk-process up to 100 Fashion product images simultaneously.

After the system has processed your product images, simply download them.

If you want to apply the finishing touches manually, or further refine our automatically processed images: No problem. By choosing the PSD output option in our Export component as part of your workflow, you can choose to receive PSD files from our system for further editing in the photo-editing tool of your choice.

Why switch to automation?

It’s fast.

Chain up various image processing components in workflows. Bulk-process up to 100 product images per workflow in minutes instead of hours.

It’s cheap.

Create as many workflows as you need and pay only €0.10 +VAT per processed image. Use up to 6 automated components in any given workflow.

It’s reliable.

Let our software do the heavy lifting, while you retain creative control. Process your product images reliably 365 days per year, 24/7.


We know that in 2020 any application should be available on mobile, but during our open beta period, we’re granting access to autoRetouch on Desktop machines exclusively.

If you’d like to learn more while browsing on your mobile device, just head over to our Platform Tour or sign up for our newsletter below. When you’re ready to go ahead and take autoRetouch for a proper test drive just come back here next time you’re on your desktop machine.

By the way, processing your first ten images is on us. Enjoy!

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Explore workflow examples.

Retouching apparel & clothing product images manually is a lot of work. Bulk-processing them with our workflows is not.

All-in-one apparel workflow

Ghost mannequin workflow

Extract patch workflow

Marketplace adjustments workflow

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