Ghost Mannequin Creation

Showcase your apparel realistically and sell more products with three-dimensional imagery.

Bring your products to life

Capture the essence of your clothing line by presenting it with three-dimensional imagery. Our invisible mannequin helps your customers visualize themselves wearing your designs and appreciate the fit and feel.

Fully automated

We offer the world’s first AI-powered ghost mannequin image generator. No contracts, service providers, waiting on images, or editing experience required. Simply upload your images and download.
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Bulk editing made easy

Models and mannequins can be distracting for customers. Keep the focus where it belongs - on your apparel. Our bulk mode feature lets you apply the invisible mannequin effect to all your product images, ensuring consistency across your entire catalog.

Increase quality, not budget

With transparent pricing at just €0.50 per image, and a pay-as-you-go model, get professional quality ghost mannequin images in minutes for a fraction of the market cost.

Inside the AI

The Ghost Mannequin Algorithm combines the product image (or front view) with the inlay image of the apparel, adds warping and shadows, and exports it as a PSD or PNG file. Whether you're a small business on a budget or a large-scale brand, our technology make high-quality image editing accessible to all.

What to expect

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Tips for best results

To get the best possible results, follow these guidelines:

Things to keep in mind

Not all images are suited for our tool. To get the best possible result, make sure to avoid the following:
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