Shadow Creation for Models

Create customizable artificial, natural-looking shadows for your model images
The Natural Shadow component adds depth to your model images by removing the original background and creating a custom shadow that complements the model's shape. Use multiple flash settings to automatically create shadows according to your preferences.

Light source direction

Control the direction in which the shadow is cast by adjusting the light source's direction, for precise, realistic shadow placement.

Light source elevation

Fine-tune the length of shadows by easily adjusting the elevation of the light source, for the optimal shadow perspective.

Shadow diffusion

Whether you prefer a hard or soft edge for shadows, tailor the shadow's appearance to your liking by adjusting the shade diffusion.

Shadow intensity

Customize the intensity of the shadow, from dark black to a subtle, transparent tone.

Inside the AI

The Natural Shadow algorithm creates a 3D model based on the 2D image of the model, enabling the addition of an artificial light source and accurate calculation of shadow properties based on light source settings.
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