Skin Retouching

Remove blemishes and achieve beautiful and natural skin on all skin types. No tools, plugins, or photoshop skills required.
Shoes before AIShoes after AI

Smart mole removal

Dark brown moles can be easily identified and removed from human skin. Freckles and tattoos remain untouched.
Shoes before AIShoes after AI

Auto airbrushing

The airbrush option applies a high-pass and gaussian blur over the skin portions of the image, with a customised range of intensity, resulting in a smooth and natural finish for skin.N

Inside the AI

The Skin Retouch Algorithm intelligently identifies human skin within images, ensuring only those areas are retouched with precision. It distinguishes between moles and freckles, ensuring only moles are removed. Plus, customizable options allow for airbrush finishing and retaining moles as desired.
Shoes before AIShoes after AI

For all skin types

Our machine learning models have been trained on a diverse skin data set with a range of ethnicities, ages, and body parts to ensure a beautiful outcome for all skin types.
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