The world’s first ghost mannequin image editing AI

What are ghost mannequin images?

In the fashion world, a ghost mannequin (aka neck-joint, invisible mannequin, or hollow-man) is the name for an image editing technique that gives the illusion of a human body filling the clothes. They are an effective way to display fashion products in a realistic setting, yet focusing completely on the product itself. Here are some examples:

While it may look like the photos were taken this way, they are actually two completely separate images, combined in post-production in a photo editing tool:

We’re automating the impossible

Until now, achieving this effect has only been possible manually and has been a multi-step, costly, and effort-intensive process. autoRetouch is changing that by moving the heavy lifting to our image editing AI while you retain control over the final image.

We are excited to share a first interactive tech demo of the technology with you. Test it with our demo images or your own images below and see the results for yourself. As usual with ghost mannequin images, you’ll need a product image and an inlay image (of pants/trousers for best results at the moment) to produce a finished invisible mannequin image.

Test it here:

Tips for best results:

Our AI is still young and continuously improving. To get the best possible results, follow these guidelines:

Product Image

Inlay Image

We want your feedback!

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